This morning the Year 5/6 level led our Advent reflection. The second Advent candle was lit and this candle is called the ‘Bethlehem candle’. This candle reminds us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. This candle is purple which reminds us that it was king who was born in a manger.

The Gospel was about John the Baptist preaching a message in the desert. We reflected on what this means for us today. The following questions were reflected upon; 

  • What does a peaceful and just world look like?
  • What does a peaceful and just world feel like?
  • What does a peaceful and just world sound like?

adv-4 advent



Christmas Drive


Dear Families,

There is only one week left of the RSPCA Christmas Drive. Thank you so much for all the people who have already donated items for this wonderful cause.

 If you would like to donate something, could you please do so by Monday the 5th of December. Remember the things we are accepting are: Old pet toys, old towels, face washers and newspapers. Please remember nothing with feathers will be accepted as it could cause harm to the animals

Thank you for supporting the RSPCA!

Isla and Steph 5/6I