Year 5’s are becoming Captains

Hello everyone,

Today the year 5’s going into grade 6 found out what Captain/monitor they are going to be in 2017! Well done to everybody especially Michael (5/6H),Alyssa (5/6C),Dominic (5/6C) and Sienna G (5/6H) who are School and Vice captains! Everyone did a great job and whoever missed out on getting a leadership role you can send an email to apply for another role,

Great work year 5’s!

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Programmers Club

“The Adventures of Pixel Duck” by Jack (3/4S) and Lucas S (3/4S).

This game has been a long time coming. Use the arrow keys to move and try to defeat the ‘EVIL DUCK’.  

The boys would appreciate your feedback.

Here is a musical app created by Elena (5/6 C). Click on a musician and turn up the volume. 

Wrapping up Christmas Presents without wasting paper

In 3/4S we had a challenge to wrap up Christmas presents to save paper. We started with a 3x3x3 cube and problem solved the possibilities of wrapping the cube without overlapping paper. 

Some of us found 9 different ways of wrapping paper without overlapping. We wonder how many different ways you can find. 

It was fun and challenging. Anthony thought it was a little frustrating when you thought it was going to work but it didn’t because it was a reflection of another net. 

Jack thought that once you got into the thinking it became easier to find the combinations. 

Ava and Stephanie thought that working together was a plus. 



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Introducing Miss C and Mr M!

Today in 5/6I we have two new teachers; Miss C (Imogen) and Mr M (Isaac). Both Imogen and Isaac chose to save and combine their bee reward charts to select the reward ‘teach the class for the day‘. Some of the activities they have planned are; macbook time, a sport lesson and mindfulness colouring. 

Miss Cremasco and Mr Mistica marking the roll this morning.

Miss C and Mr M marking the roll this morning.

3/4 Level Carol Singing

Tonight, at St Charles Borromeo, the school community met in the school grounds to watch the students from each level, perform 2 Christmas carols.

The 3/4 Level children sang their little hearts out with much gusto! They sang ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’.

It was a lovely night, with many families mingling together, sharing food, drinks and loads of conversations. A fantastic way to celebrate our fabulous community spirit!