Swimming Carnival

On Thursday the 23rd of February, some lucky children from grade 3-6 will be participating in District Swimming. A couple of weeks ago, Children that were interested in doing trials had a chance to give competitive swimming a go. For those that didn’t make it, you were still Awesome! 

Congratulations to the lucky swimmers who will be making St Charles proud. Good Luck!!!!!!

Learning Styles

How do you best learn?

Today in 3/4CA we completed a “Learning Styles Inventory” to discover the different ways that we can learn in a variety of situations. The goal was to find out if your preferred method of learning is VISUAL (by watching), AUDITORY (by speaking and listening) or KINESTHETIC (by moving or doing). 

Interestingly the majority of our class were “Visual Learners.”

You could try completing the online test yourself, it’s easy- just go to Learning Styles Inventory.  

When you have discovered your preferred style, please comment below and tell us how you best learn!!

  Image thanks to  “organised-student.tumblr.com”

Parents in School


It has been a very busy first month back and I thank parents for supporting all our extra curricula activities. The following is a snapshot of parent/ school events:

Prep parents tea and tissue, beginning of year mass, Andrew Chinn concert, Prep welcome mass., swimming trials, parent/ teacher conferences, Prep faith night, parent helper training, 3/4BM class mass and puberty education night. 


Prep Faith Night

Last night the preps had their Faith Night. We were lucky enough to have Helen as our speaker who gave the preps the opportunity to draw a God moment. All the drawings were beautiful and this activity showcased our preps understanding of God. Thank you to Helen for your knowledge and to the parents who came to this evening. 

Here are some photos of the night. 

What is Bullying?

We have been working hard in our student action teams researching Bullying. already, we have learnt so much.

Here are some of the things we have learned:

  • 1 out of 4 kids are bullied- Julian
  • 200 million kids around the world are bullied- Julian
  • Cyberbullying is done with technology- Matteo
  • physical and verbal abuse is very common in Australia- Chloe
  • frenemies are bullies that pretend to be your friend- Alessia L

Here are some websites that you could use to find out more about bullying.




www.bullyingno way.gov.au



Good Luck. if you have some ideas on bullying please let us know.