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It was a show stopping Friday last week!! Thank you to the SRC and Miss Greenlaw for organising a fun-filled and purposeful day! We hope the money raised helps to purchase gifts for those in need this Christmas. Well done to all for getting involved, including the teachers who took on a very ‘Greased Lightning’ approach!


On Sunday 23rd October the Year 6 students were filled with the Holy Spirit at their confirmation. Each confirmation candidate chose a saint as a person they admire for how they lived their life and would like to be like. After our Confirmation workshop some students were inspired to select a saint that they believe show similar qualities to them.  Each student created a poster on their chosen saint. 

Choir’s Big Gig :)!

Our beautiful choir have done so many great things this year, including performing in the Freedom Choir Festival and performing regularly for BUPA aged care residents. Now we are ready for our most important gig…..singing at Confirmation this Sunday! We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a rehearsal in the Church this Wednesday and now feel even more ready :). Thank you to all of those in choir who are able to make this event, you have shown huge commitment! Here are some of our lovely singers rehearsing. 

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Confirmation Retreat Day

On Wednesday the 19th of October, all of our grade 6s who will be making their Confirmation this Sunday attended the Confirmation Retreat Day with St Kevin’s. We were lucky enough to be able to use the beautiful new Church and connected buildings for the day and were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather so that we could do some activities outside :). All students are to be commended on their wonderful and reflective behaviour and their positive engagement in all activities. Thank you very much to Miss Bugno and Mr Thomas for organising a fantastic day. We look forward to supporting you all on your special day this Sunday.

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Do kangaroos live in trees? Do koalas eat worms? Do echidnas have scales?

This term the preps are busy learning amazing facts about Australian native animals. We are becoming real experts on mammals and marsupials.  Next week, we will learn about monotremes.

Here are some of our favourite facts about kangaroos and koalas:

  • Kangaroos can’t move backwards but they can swim.
  • Kangaroos can go for months without water. They are herbivores who eat grass and leaves.
  • Joeys are born on to their mother’s tail. They climb up her belly in to her pouch. They are the size of a jelly bean.
  • Koala babies are also called joeys. They drink milk from their mother’s pouch. When they are older, they eat their mother’s poo!
  • The female koala has an upside down pouch. 
  • Koalas have a thumb on their front paw to help them grip the tree.
  • Male koalas fight other males who try to climb their tree.

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Using real life experiences to teach fractions

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The 3/4 SC class had a real life maths problems to solve.  How would you share two apples amongst three friends? 

To model this new learning, we brought the apples into class and set the scene.  We had to think about how to equally portion the pieces, what to do so that all three friends get the same amount of equal pieces.  By cutting each of the apples in half, we immediately saw that each friend would get at least 1/2 an apple each. But what to do with the rest? 

Here are some photos of us modelling the process.  What would you do NOW? Let us know and then we tell you how we solved this problem.