Enough for Everyone – Forever

Year 5/6 students are busy presenting their research around the UNICEF Goals for Sustainable Development. Students worked to investigate these goals, which seek to ensure a sustainable world for our future. The presentations have been most informative and include student reflection on how they can plan for a world where we have ‘Enough for Everyone – Forever’.

Image result for unicef goals for sustainability image  

Around The Yard

Hi everyone I am Maximillion and today I am the photographer for Around the Yard!



This Rayen going for the three!

this is Christian Anthony Oscar Gorge Daniel Alexander Henry and Lucas F


This is Nick,Jacinter, Luke, Massimo, Rayen, Harrison, Ava, Gorgea Chilling on the basketball court!



This is Erin and Greta stretching there stretchy slime!


Passion Project

Hi everyone, this week I am here to talk to you about my passion for athletics. Athletics is a great thing to do and I love it because not only do I compete against other girls in my age group I get to try and beat my score from previous weeks.

I belong to the athletics district of DLAC along with other students at the school. I have been doing athletics for 3 years and I have made a large improvement from when I started.

Here are some photos from athletics one is of me showing my 1st place medal for long jump and the other is of me competing in a hurdles race.