5/6 Caritas Day

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Last Friday, the 17th of April the 5/6s ran a Caritas Day to provide education to students about the Caritas ‘Food For Life’ initiative and the importance of eating healthy food, as well as raising money to donate to Caritas. The 5/6 students all worked very hard to put the day together and did a fantastic job. 5/6C provided students with education about Caritas and ran fun activities, 5/6I ran a fun and lively restaurant where students could make their own tacos, while they danced and had lots of fun and 5/6H ran food stalls, including tasty smoothies, healthy fruit kebabs and delicious home baked goods. The day was a success and lots of fun, raising over $1100.00 for Caritas. Thank you so much to all of the other classes for supporting our day so enthusiastically :)!

2 thoughts on “5/6 Caritas Day

  1. What an amazing day! The school had a lively buzz. It was so great to see the kids enthusiasm!
    I felt it was a huge success as the children took responsibility and pretty much ran the day.
    Loved seeing them cook, sell the food that they made and educate their peers.

  2. Thanks Annie :). You’re right, the 5/6s really loved the responsibility and planning involved in the day :).

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