3/4H Class Mass

On Thursday 28th, May, 3/4H celebrated their class mass. This was an opportunity for the students to reflect on and share their learning about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost Sunday. The children read well and sang beautifully. Thank you to everyone who helped prepare the students and joined us on the day.


Part 2: 1/2 History Excursion to Ripponlea

Last Friday the 1/2’s went to Ripponlea for the second part of their excursion where they were learning about the ‘olden days’. The children were immersed in many fun activities such as olden day house work, where they discovered how hard it used to be without dishwashers and washing machines. They also played olden games like quoits, skipping, croquet, skittles and drop-the-handkerchief With all of this wonderful new information, the 1/2 historians are now applying it to their InquiRE unit, ‘How has our Australia changed?’, and looking at when their parents and grandparents were young to see what similarities or differences they can uncover!

IMG_8153 IMG_8123 IMG_1811


This term the 1/2s have been reading fairy tales in Italian. Here is one of our favourites.image

‘La gallinella rossa’ is the story of the little red hen and the students have enjoyed singing the song from the story ‘Forza Forza’ as well. They have learnt the animal names from the story in Italian as well including il cane, il gatto, la gallina, il coniglio, l’asino, il cavallo, il gallo, i pulcini, l’ oca and la pecora.

Shapes are Everywhere!

This week, in Prep, we have been learning all about two dimensional shapes. We were amazed to find so many shapes, both in the classroom and outside. When we explored the properties of shapes, we discovered that many properties were the same. Squares and rectangles both had the same number of sides and vertices, so what is the difference? The sides of a square are all equal in length but a rectangle has only its opposite sides equal.

We spent time sorting shapes, according to their properties. Then we used play dough to make some two dimensional shapes with the right properties.

Emma’s favourite shape is a hexagon because it has six sides and six vertices. Peter likes circles because they only have one side and they don’t have any vertices at all!



Year 5/6 Visit to the Shrine!

On Monday, the Year 5/6 students visited ‘The Shrine of Remembrance’. It was a magical day, both in the weather and learning experiences. We were very lucky to have had excellent and thorough tour guides, who were able to teach us about the history of the Shrine. Well done to all the Year 5/6 students for exceptional behaviour, you represented St Charles perfectly!  IMG_1013IMG_1001 image1

Doncare Food Drive

Greg and Rosie 2

Last Thursday night Sue Cahill and I went to a Doncare function. Our Doncare Food Drive is about to commence and I want to remind everyone this is our major fundraiser for term two. The grade who brings in the most items will receive a BBQ lunch early next term. Please refer to the newsletter and ask children to bring items from the flyer, Doncare needs our help!

Being Brave

We had a very exciting week this week, we got to meet Bug!

Bug is one of our very special Kimochis who teaches us about feelings. We listened to a story where Bug was too scared to swim and fly and then with all his courage he tried (and he loved it!).

We all shared a story about when we were brave and drew a picture. We turned our pictures into Bug. Here is a photo of our brave Bugs!


1/2 History Excursion to Schramm’s Cottage

Last Friday, half of the 1/2 level visited Schramm’s Cottage to learn more about life in the past. At Schramm’s, children were able to immerse themselves in an old cottage and see what an ‘olden’ day kitchen looked like, observe and sit in an old tram car and view clothing from long ago. Stay tuned next week for part 2 of our blog, where you will see photos from Rippon Lea House!

IMG_1674 IMG_1678


Today our Year Six students received the gifts of The Holy Spirit through the sacrament of Confirmation. The Confirmation was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Congratulations to our young people who took the next step in their faith journey. May they share their gifts and talents with others and follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

We offer our Confirmation candidates this blessing…

In each moment of your life, may you feel the Lord’s embrace.

May you sense his guiding presence in each new challenge that you face.

May his peace and light be with you as you travel through your day

And may you realise how precious and special you are in every single way.



imageThe students in 5/6 are learning about “La moda” (Clothing and fashion) in Italian this term. They have been designing an outfit for themselves and describing it in Italian. Later this term we hope to put on a fashion show( Una sfilata di moda) for you all to enjoy. A presto.


Staying Safe!

The preps ventured off on their first excursion last week, with a visit to Casey Safety Village. Here, they learnt all about staying safe on the road and what do do in case of fire.

In the Fire Room, the preps practised safe procedures to adopt in the event of fire. Did you know that you should never move through a closed door, if a house is on fire, without feeling it first with the back of your hand?

After discussing the many ways in which we can stay safe on the road, it was off to the bikes! School crossings, traffic lights, roundabouts and even a train line were negotiated on two wheels with remarkable speed.


St Charles Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the following students who will represent St Charles Borromeo at this year’s District Cross Country:

Aaron T, Alana C, Alastair C, Alyssa M, Bianca M, Callum M, Carla C, Chloe K, Connor W, Daniel D, Daniel K, Daniel M, Dominic H, Elena S, Erin K, Ethan R, Isabella T, Isla B, Jake E, Jonathan P, Joshua T, Keeley M, Lani C, Lewis B, Lucas F, Marcus D, Michael T, Milton S (Captain), Nelson D, Nicholas K, Oliver H, Oliver K, Oscar C, Sabina Q, Sophie M and Yasmin S.


gardenAt St Charles we have started an ANZAC Commemoration Garden as a tribute to all ANZACS and to remember the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli.  The students would like to thank Liz Whyte for donating her time and enthusiasm in helping them to design and plant some of the plants. So far we have planted a border of Rosemary bushes (the plant symbolising remembrance) and one RSL Legacy Rose.  We are waiting for the ANZAC Rose to arrive to complete our garden.  




Year 3/4 S created an ANZAC gallery inspired by the artist Sidney Nolan. 

The students looked closely at some artworks of Sidney Nolan particularly his style, colour, lines and shapes.  They sketched the portrait using pencils and then colored using vibrant pastels. 

IMG_2015 IMG_2020

Super Safe Preps!!!

This week week in Prep we have been learning all about road safety (ready for our excursion :D).

 We have been practising crossing the road by:





We even had the teachers pretending to be cars (beep beep)!!

We have also talked about the different things we could do to be safe around the road. Here is a picture of Claudia showing us her work.


Opportunities to Write at Home

kids-writingLike reading, writing becomes an everyday activity at home. Let your child see you writing. Try some of these writing ideas at home:

  • Write a shopping list or add items to the list and tick off the items as you buy or unpack them.
  • Keep a board to write and read family messages.
  • Give your child a pad of sticky notes to write reminders for themselves.
  • Plan and write your weekly menu together.
  • Write captions for photographs in your family photo albums.
  • Write labels for your child’s art works and creations.
  • Make words using magnetic letters and stick them on the fridge.
  • Make and write greeting cards, birthday cards, and thank you notes.
  • Keep a family calendar on display and write down family events.
  • Talk about upcoming events with your child, for example, where, when, and who will be there.

Reference: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Road to Refuge website

On Saturday the 2nd of May I attended an asylum seeker discussion evening at St Kevin’s which raised some powerful questions about the messages that our children are receiving about ‘others’. At this meeting a fantastic website called Road to Refuge was shown and explained to us by the brilliant young woman that put it together. In 5/6H we looked at this website last week, which explored in detail the stories of three young people and the circumstances which led to them fleeing their countries. Students wrote powerful persuasive pieces urging our government to treat asylum seekers (over 90% of which end up being proven to be genuine refugees) better, it is fantastic to see what kind and genuine students we have at our school. We will be exploring this website further in our next reading rotations, if anyone is interested in exploring this website and helping clear up some negative stereotypes, here is the link: http://www.roadtorefuge.com/.

Cross Country Trials

There was sunshine, then rain, then heavier rain, sunshine and finally goats.  Yes! Yesterday’s Cross Country Trials at St Charles definitely had it all.

The weather held for us to complete all of the 9/10 and 11 year old trials.  12+ yo trials will be conducted either Friday 8/5 or Tuesday  12/5 (weather permitting).

The 11 year old race was held up briefly when 2 goats got excited seeing the children run past. They squeezed through under the fence and begin running in the race.

Here are the trial placings (link).

District Cross Country is on 21 May 2015 @ Ruffey Lake Park

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