Poetry in Prep!

Last week, the preps became poets – and they didn’t even know it! (boom boom).

IMG_0167On Tuesday, we read a story called ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’, then we wrote a rhyming poem about undies. We published our undie poems and hung them on the line in the classroom. 

Kalita wrote: I wear my undies to the beach. When I get there, I eat a peach.

Ethan wrote: My undies are cool. I wear them to the pool.


We looked at pictures of monsters and wrote a poem about them.

6Tpo6nM6c           IMG_0168

Jaydon wrote: My monster is smelly. He likes to jump in jelly.

 Alli wrote: My monster is a girl. She has a little curl.

On Thursday, we watched a really cute clip about baby animals before writing a poem about a pet.

You can watch the clip here

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