Genius Hour

This week in our genius hour session, we had two new students join us! Adele and Riley from 1/2B are joining us for the rest of the term in 5/6I to complete their first ever passion project! Adele’s passion is the growth of a baby and Riley’s is marathon running. The 5/6I students loved helping them settle in and assisted them in researching their passions. What a great example of buddy learning at St Charles!!

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Give something special this Christmas!

Give something special this Christmas!


Christmas Day is always a special time to spend with family and friends, coming together and sharing a special meal, but for some, this is not possible.

The caring owners of Birth and Cargo in Docklands are opening up their doors on Christmas Day to welcome those less fortunate, so they too can share a meal as a family.

Together we have been starting to collect deodorant cans, toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste which will go towards a hamper for those attending on Christmas Day.

Please give generously and support this important and brilliant fundraiser.  

How Can We Make a Difference?

This term in 1/2 our InquiRE focus is ‘How Can We Make a Difference?’ So far we have been learning about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), landfill and compost, and how all of these things have an impact on our world. We have recently started doing ‘Nudie Tuesdie’, trying to only have reusable items in our lunch. Because we know that the small things we do NOW, at home and at school, will help our world in the FUTURE! We all need to work together!!

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Roseville Buddy Program

Yesterday the Year 5 students from 5/6I visited Roseville. There seems to be a common trend with our Roseville visits…the day starts off with gloomy weather (often rain as we are about to leave), we then brave the elements and head off to Roseville. Upon arriving, the weather clears up and we enter to smiling faces waiting for us in the warm and comfy lounge room at Roseville.
To witness the joy and excitement from the students and also the Roseville buddies, is a truly beautiful sight! One Roseville resident shared with me how much he looks forward to the visits from the students and how well-mannered and considerate they all are. The Year 5 students each brought with them either a picture book, ipad or deck of cards to share with their buddy.  Everyone was having such a good time that we lost track of the time!! What a beautiful buddy program, community link and bond we have with Roseville.

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This term we have been learning about the value of confidence.

We have read the book ‘I like myself’ written by Karen Beaumont and had a circle time where we shared something that we liked about ourselves. Here are some of the things that we shared. 

I_Like_Myself  Demi likes herself because she is good at dressing up!

Noah likes himself because he is good at playing Skylanders Superchargers!

Dion R likes himself because he is good at racing!


We have also been talking about having the confidence to try new things.  We have said that we don’t say “I can’t do that”, instead we say “I CAN do that”, it may not be perfect, but every time we try it gets a little bit easier. Here is a photo of us saying that we CAN do that!

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Visiting Holy Cross

On Monday, the preps ventured across the road to visit Holy Cross church. This visit consolidated classroom activities which gave the children an understanding of the Church and its furnishings. The children were able to link the altar to the Last Supper of Jesus. They were excited to see the tabernacle, which is used for keeping the consecrated Eucharist. Two large crucifix were admired and great curiosity around the statues of saints was evident. The highlight for the preps was, undoubtedly blessing themselves with holy water, where one prep was heard to report, “Holy water is wet!”


Maths- Fractions

The 3/4 level has commenced learning about fractions and in particular this  fortnight we have explored that fractions3042_Olive-Wood-Fruit-Bowl-32cm are Equal parts of a whole. We have used many concrete materials to describe fractions as part of a whole.

We have learnt terms including, numerator and denominator. 

A fraction is made up of 2 numbers. The top number is called the NUMERATOR and the bottom number is called the DENOMINATOR.

This is one of the problems we have worked on.  

In my fruit bowl, a half of the fruit is made up of 4 apples,

2 kiwi fruit, and 2 oranges.  What could the other half be? 

This is what some us decided was in our fruit bowls. 


3/4S: Water Use in Agriculture



Did you know that it takes over 15,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of meat?


Did you know that our farmers use about 54% of all our FRESH, CLEAN, HEALTHY water for farming?

Did you know that some farmers use open channels to irrigate their crops?  This is a problem because too much FRESH,CLEAN,HEALTHY water evaporates from our precious limited resource, Water! 




3/4 G Class Mass

On Thursday 3/4G celebrated a mass acknowledging the children’s wonder and awe with God’s creation. Fr Gerry spoke to children about the importance of us being stewards of our world. It was great to see so many family members and members of our parish join us.

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News from the SRC!

Painting the Cubbies!

As a part of our term 4 SRC change project, we decided to make our school playground more colourful! One way we thought of making it more colourful was by painting our three cubbies. A team of SRC members from Prep- Year 6 met with Mr Thomas to discuss this. Mr Thomas liked this idea and agreed that it would make our school playground look so much better.
On Monday the 16th of November, we will be painting our school cubbies. Everyone will put their handprint on one of the cubbies. Each cubby will have one of the 3 B’s on it; Be respectful, Be responsible & Be safe. We are looking for helpers to assist on the day. You do not need to be an artist just someone who likes to draw. It would be very much appreciated if you can come down and help on the day in any way to make our school more colourful.  If you are able to help please email Mrs Ibrahim by Tuesday 10th November.
Thank you! From the SRC team.


Buddy Reading in 1/2

20151021_090624In 1/2, we LOVE reading and sharing our skills with others! This week, we have begun to share our home reading books with our peers so that they can…


1. Hear and see all the strategies we are applying when we read

2. Listen to the story and ask us comprehension questions

3. Give us feedback about how fluent, expressive and confident our reading sounds.

This is really helping us- not only when reading, but also when reading aloud!

20151021_090702 20151021_090720


It’s great to see at this time of the year our students being regular readers at home. Modelling the pleasure of reading both at school and also at home is vital for a child’s development in positive attitudes towards reading.

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.” Kate DiCamillo

Who is this character?despereaux

Mindfulness Meditation at St Charles

mind-fullJust like it is important to look after our bodies with exercise and good food, it is also important to look after our minds.

Mindfulness Meditation has been scientifically shown to help keep the mind fit and healthy and help students do better at school.

At the next Closure Day on Friday, 30 October the teachers at St Charles Borromeo will be learning how Mindfulness Meditation can be used in their classes with Georgina Manning.

Eastern Region Athletics

MiltonCongratulations to our sports captains Daniel P and Milton S (both in 5/6 C) on their participation in Shot Put at the Eastern Region Athletics Competition.  It is a fantastic achievement to have progressed so far in your sport and we are proud of you both.

Pictured is Milton who achieved a podium spot by coming third.


Narrative Writing

This week, in prep, we are writing narrative stories about meeting a witch. We have learnt that narrative stories have characters, a setting and a plot. We know that the plot has a beginning, middle and end.

We started by watching a clip about a witch. You can click here, to view it again.

Before we wrote our story, we drew a plan to organise our ideas. Here are two of our plans:



Now, we are busy writing our narratives!

5/6 Phys Ed

Last term, the 5/6 students worked in teams to invent new games.

Over the past few weeks the teams have been trialling their games with the class.

We’ve had:

  • Footoccer Ball: A fantastic blend of soccer, netball, Aussie rules and basketball
  • Pinpoint: A blend of soccer and handball
  • Lions & Snakes: Inspired by Harry Potter’s Quidditch
  • Crocker: A mix of cricket and soccer
  • The Maze: The ultimate obstacle course race
  • Hunters & Runners: A mixture of poison ball and dodgeball
  • Bowling Tag: Ten Pin Bowling and tag blended into one
  • Volcar: A mix of volleyball and soccer
  • Swamp Goal: A combination of dodgeball and soccer
  • Snake: Well, I am not sure how I can describe this game but, it involved a parachute, hula-hoops and a toy snake.

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5/6s visit to Ceres to learn about sustainability

Well today all the 5/6s headed to Ceres to learn all about sustainability. Despite the early rain it ended up a sunny and fun day and we covered topics including fair trade, food kilometers and did a really interesting session called ‘Australia 2030’, looking at how our behaviour now can have a big impact on how Australia looks in 15 years time. Students left the centre with some great ideas of simple things they can do to improve our environment and contribute positively to sustainability :).Ceres 1 Ceres 2 Ceres 4 Ceres 3