How Can We Make a Difference?

This term in 1/2 our InquiRE focus is ‘How Can We Make a Difference?’ So far we have been learning about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), landfill and compost, and how all of these things have an impact on our world. We have recently started doing ‘Nudie Tuesdie’, trying to only have reusable items in our lunch. Because we know that the small things we do NOW, at home and at school, will help our world in the FUTURE! We all need to work together!!

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2 thoughts on “How Can We Make a Difference?

  1. I am glad you explained what ‘Nudie Tuesdie’ is all about 1/2 K. I was beginning to get worried about my next Tuesday visit to your class ; )

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