imageLast Friday St.  Charles celebrated “ITALIAN DAY”. The day began with a parade where the students showed the wonderful costumes and colours they were wearing. Next we heard from the students with some Italian songs and poems. Later on we enjoyed watching Pippo and Pasquale in their new show “Mission Gnocchi” and eating a traditional gelato.  

image image


Christmas Crew

Xmas treeThis term I have been spending every Wednesday lunch time with a group of students who are passionate about acting and singing and together we have been working on putting some Christmas performances together. The group have been working so well together and showing real commitment within rehearsals, it has been so much fun for all of us! We even have a few gigs lined up, including performing Christmas Carols at Bunnings  Warehouse in Eltham, performing our Christmas plays and songs for our grade 5’s older buddies from Roseville and BUPA and some of our plays and songs will be performed at carols. It is so fantastic that these students get a chance to perform and share their work. ********


Grade 5/6 Graduation

Well this year has gone far too fast and grade 6 graduation is now just around the corner! The grade 6s have been working hard on their graduation song and dance and everyone is showing their hidden dance talents (especially Rodney and Oliver ;)). Our 4 choreographers are doing a great job getting the girl’s part of the dance together. We are having a lot of fun in our noisy rehearsals ;). Mrs Ibrahim is also doing a great job of helping the grade 6s to get their scrapbooks together. We are all so excited about the night and can’t wait to see how it turns out! A special thanks to Paula Marchionno for all of her work getting the graduation booklets together.

Grad dance 1grad dance 3Grad photo-2

Showing Confidence!

This week in 5/6I we have been learning the value of confidence! We created role plays showing times when we lack confidence and times when we show confidence. Speaking in front of others was a common time when we struggled to show confidence! We thought of some strategies that we could use when we are in these situations.


Showing confidence!


Public speaking can be a time when we need to show confidence.


Measuring Mayhem!

The preps have been busy measuring this week. We have been having great fun learning to estimate, measure and compare length.

We lay down, head to toe, to see if the boys or girls made a longer line – and the girls won!


We worked with a partner to measure our body parts using unifix cubes. We recorded our measurements. Then we compared the length of our body parts with our partner. 

IMG_0264                                                 IMG_0270


On Monday, the Year 5/6 level kicked off our Advent liturgies for the year. Our focus was waiting and letting your light shine this advent. It was great to see many parents and family members come along and join in our liturgy. A highlight was the year 5/6 students and their prep buddies bopping along and singing to Andrew Chinn’s ‘Shine Among Them’. This youtube clip was shared at the liturgy and it reminds us of the purpose of our waiting during Advent.

A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

Each week at our staff meetings, one staff member is in charge of beginning the meeting with a prayer. This week was my turn. I searched and searched for a lovely prayer to share with the staff when I realized I had 24 amazing writers sitting right in front of me! So the students of 3/4C got together and wrote the following prayer for our staff. It put a smile on many of our faces.

A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

Dear God,

Thank you for all the lovely teachers, staff, principal and helpers at our wonderful school.

We are thankful for all our teachers because they are creative and full of love and laughter.

They always have a smile on their face and they always help us when we get hurt.

They help us to learn and grow and they help us when we are feeling down.

They look after us and care for us when we are upset.

They always guide us in our journey through life and help us make good decisions.

They teach us to forgive and to be kind to our peers.

They teach us to care for the environment and understand how to treat the world.

They show us the difference between right and wrong.

They understand us for who we are and they accept us even if we are a bit different.

They protect us and they support us and they always put the students first.

They are always accepting of our ideas.

They make school fun and take us to the next level.

We are so grateful that they are there to teach us and encourage us.

We love them because they are unique in the very own way.

We are so happy to have such wonderful teachers at St Charles.


Programers Club

Have a look at a few games designed by our coders from Programmers Club today.

Remote Control Buggy – By Lucas (3/4C)
Drive the buggy around on the sand with your arrow keys. 

Chase the Ball – By Indiana (5/6C)

See how many balls Scratch can collect in 30 seconds – use your arrow keys.

3/4 Passion Projects

3/4 Water Projects

As part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How Can I Be Water Wise?’, the 3/4 students chose a water-related topic to research as part of a homework passion project. They were given 6 weeks to complete their presentation and were able to choose how they presented their information. We invited our families to come along and watch our presentations and asked that they bring along a donation for Caritas Australia. We raised a total of $97 which will be donated to ‘The Community Managed Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program’. The money we have raised will go towards ensuring access to safe drinking water and promoting good sanitation and hygiene practices in rural communities in Bangladesh. You can read all about it here.


Our final Roseville visit!

Angie's reflectionToday the Year 5 students from 5/6I visited our lovely Roseville buddies for the last time this year. As we were walking to Roseville, many students reflected on the fond memories they have shared with their Roseville buddy. The most beautiful relationships have been developed over they year between the Roseville residents and the students, it has been delightful to witness each visit. Angie wrote a reflection of her time in the Roseville buddy programme this year. It is a heartfelt and honest recount of a truly wonderful buddy initiative that we have at St Charles.

Jack and John with their buddies Phyllis with her buddies The comical Sid! Artists at work with Jona

Gerald the Giraffe CAN Dance

The 1/2 students enjoyed reading the book Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and were then inspired to recreate the front cover with the main character, Gerald, striking a pose.

We discussed the message the book was giving us and made some connections to our work in Visual Arts. Some ideas were:

  • Everyone does things their own way  
  • You don’t have to be the same as everyone else
  • We need to appreciate each others differences

You did some wonderful painting and drawing, 1/2s! 

IMG_2269 IMG_2270 IMG_2268

1st Day 3/4 Camp

unnamed (2)   What an amazing venue, the mountain ranges in the background set a beautiful backdrop for what has been a day where children have showcased their gifts and talents. The students of 3/4 have had a great day and there are many tired campers looking forward to curling up in their sleeping bags. A special thank you to all the staff who will miss their own beds tonight. 


unnamed (3)unnamed

Character Descriptions

This week we have been writing fairy tale character descriptions, it has been so much fun! We used the app ‘Explain Everything’ and drew a picture of our favourite fairy tale character.  When we finished our picture,we typed describing words about our character. Look at how clever we are, here is some of our work.



Complementary Colour Symmetry by 5/6

The 5/6 students have been exploring symmetry with the complementary colours on the colour wheel. They are the colours opposite each other and those that work well together. They are red and green, blue and orange and purple and yellow. The students cut interesting shapes from the paper, then flipped them so they are a mirror image.  They look very impressive.

IMG_2232 IMG_2235IMG_2228

Excursion to CERES

IMG_4945On Tuesday 17th the 1/2s went on an excursion to CERES which links to our InquiRE topic for this term, ‘How Can We Make a Difference?’. Everyone had lots of fun making recycled paper, sorting out waste into the correct bins and going on a walk around CERES to learn more about the area. It was great to hear and see the connections we could make between what we have been learning in class, and what we learnt at CERES! Hopefully, with all our new knowledge and understanding, we can continue to do our part to help our environment 🙂


IMG_4935 IMG_4940

Thanks to Paul Baldwin for his expert coaching


For the last 4 lessons the 3/4 students have been learning the component parts of tennis – the forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Tomorrow we put it all together and play some games against each other. Some students have brought their own racquets. Some students have had lessons previously or are currently having lessons. Regardless of their previous experience, we have witnessed an improvement in skills. Paul is an excellent coach and we have been lucky to partner with him in learning the skills of tennis.


Last Thursday the 3 /4 level went to CERES, as part of the unit of Inquiry on ‘How can we be water wise?’  the students were involved in various learning experiences centered on living sustainably, using resources, recycling and reusing.  CERES is a community garden where sustainable strategies are practised and where people are welcomed to learn and observe how simple some  conservation practices really are to implement in our homes and gardens.  The students walked along the Merri Creek and saw first hand the effect of regeneration along the creek bed, with many more native trees and bushes growing along its banks. This regeneration is gradually bringing back  bird and aquatic life.  students learnt about effects humans have on the river’s life, how to measure weather and how to save water in the home. A  great day was by all and hopefully we can put some of the leaning into the way we all interact with our environment. 

IMG_0064 IMG_0062  IMG_0081

Painting the Cubbies!

WOW!! What a fantastic day we had today painting the cubbies! The weather was perfect and each and every student made a special contribution to our new cubbies. We had the most amazing group of artistic senior SRC students who worked tirelessly to make our cubbies look beautiful. A BIG thank you to Hayden, Nicola, Harvey, Sebastian, Zac, Angie, Alessia, Phenix, Daniel, Aaron, Evelyn, Zane, Liesl and Anja who spent the day designing our 3 B’s on our cubbies. Also thanks to the parents who came along and helped! Well done everyone and especially the SRC for leading this colourful change in our school. You will have to have a look for yourself at how great it looks!

IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3456

Mathematics in the 3 /4 Level: Fractions and Decimals

 Fraction, Decimal and Percentage FUN in the 3 /4 level! 

The students in 3 /4 have been making models of fractions, decimals and percentages, as part of of the mathematics teaching and learning experiences. The students have been busy using ‘hands-on’ tasks including paper folding,  100 grid squares and place value knowledge to make the connections between fractions, decimals and percentages. 

They have also investigated how to add fractions using the same denominator and write  fractions as decimal numbers using models.  Here are just a few examples!

IMG_0903     IMG_0904    IMG_0906


Design a Park with that different areas to enjoy; 40% of the park has to be grass; 20% is reserved for the wildlife in the woodlands; 15% are flower beds to admire; 15% id devoted to the children’s playground and finally 5% is left for the pond. Have fun designing the park!

St. Charles Borromeo Working Bee

What an amazing day! It was wonderful to see parents and children working together and enjoying the day. Many tasks were completed and the school grounds look so much better. A special thank you to James for coordinating the working bee and Dave overseeing our major project. The BBQ was a great way to finish the day and perfectly cooked by Kirsten, Katie, Paul and Patty.  Thank you to the teachers who came and put in a few hours- Andrew, Susan and Julie. 

unnamed (2)   unnamed

5/6 Visit from Fair Trade Australia

This week in 5/6 we received a visit from Erin from Fair Trade Australia to help teach us more about what Fair Trade is, which products are more ethical than others and what we can do as consumers to help the cause. In addition to learning some fantastic new information, we also played some fun games and did some quizzes. Students were so enthusiastic after this presentation that it has been decided that the 5/6s will run a Fair Trade session with the whole school, including education, games and activities. This date will be decided on and put on the calendar soon :).

Fair Trade-1 Fair Trade-2 Fair Trade 3 Fair Trade 4