A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

Each week at our staff meetings, one staff member is in charge of beginning the meeting with a prayer. This week was my turn. I searched and searched for a lovely prayer to share with the staff when I realized I had 24 amazing writers sitting right in front of me! So the students of 3/4C got together and wrote the following prayer for our staff. It put a smile on many of our faces.

A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

Dear God,

Thank you for all the lovely teachers, staff, principal and helpers at our wonderful school.

We are thankful for all our teachers because they are creative and full of love and laughter.

They always have a smile on their face and they always help us when we get hurt.

They help us to learn and grow and they help us when we are feeling down.

They look after us and care for us when we are upset.

They always guide us in our journey through life and help us make good decisions.

They teach us to forgive and to be kind to our peers.

They teach us to care for the environment and understand how to treat the world.

They show us the difference between right and wrong.

They understand us for who we are and they accept us even if we are a bit different.

They protect us and they support us and they always put the students first.

They are always accepting of our ideas.

They make school fun and take us to the next level.

We are so grateful that they are there to teach us and encourage us.

We love them because they are unique in the very own way.

We are so happy to have such wonderful teachers at St Charles.


5 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Teachers of St Charles

  1. What a lovely prayer 3/4C and Mrs Copsey. We shared it as a part of our prayer time this morning. Thank you for creating and sharing.

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