Have you seen our Christmas Tree?

Have you seen our Christmas Tree?


Real Tree

We were very disappointed to realise this afternoon, that in the last 24 hours someone has stolen the St. Charles Christmas Tree. It wasn’t the tree decorated in the office, but the beautiful one planted in the gardens opposite the staffroom windows.


Mr. C was too distraught to comment on the disappearance. He is doing his best to solve the crime at this difficult time.

IMG_1427   image

Mr. Thomas has been taken into questioning due to the evidence in the image below.



(This was very disappointing to realise. This tree would have been a lovely addition to our Carols next Tuesday night. If you do hear/or have seen something, please contact Mr. Thomas)

33 thoughts on “Have you seen our Christmas Tree?

  1. This is terrible! This is a time for the year 5/6’s to get the CSI education back on track . Time for investergation

  2. #OperationCSI I’m so upset. It would have been awesome to have and now someone has taken it. What a shame someone would do that.

  3. I am VERY sad to see that beautiful tree gone, or though the prank with the tree branch sticking out of Mr. Thomas’ car was very funny. I too, hope the criminal is caught. 🙁

  4. Oh no!!!! I loved the smell of that Christmas tree 🙁 So sad its gone. It would have been lovely to put a few decorations on St.Charles carols night! RIP X’mas tree.

  5. I never knew that we had a Christmas tree, but any way I am still disappointed we don’t get to decorate a Christmas tree. It is very suspicious.????????? )-:

  6. (I’m laughing my head off at these comments)

    I feel sorry for Mr.Thomas for the questioning,
    I think someone needs a hug? Anyone????

    RIP PINE TREE. 2012 – 2015
    ;-; Stay strong

  7. This is indeed very sad. I noticed the lovely tree one day when I was sitting at the staff room table. I’m not sure how anyone could enjoy it, knowing they have taken it away from a whole school community.

  8. Such a shame to hear about the Christmas tree grinch!
    Wouldn’t it be great to see some sign of new growth from the remaining stump when we return to school next year!

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