Wicking Garden Bed

So, what  is a wicking bed?  Well  it’s essentially a giant “self watering pot” in the form of a garden bed. It is a garden bed designed to draw water up from a reservoir below, through the soil directly to the roots.  The students on the 3/4 level decided to create this smart ‘watering pot’ as part of the unit on being Water Wise.  The fact that the watering occurs under the ground, there is less evaporation and the water goes straight to the roots, making this an efficient and effective way of watering and saving water.

The students dug out the soil and made a trench, the pipe was laid and then the soil was evenly spread on top.  Thank you to Mr Thomas and Moya for helping us with the heavy moving of the soil. 

Now it is ready for planting!  Ideas are welcome! 




3 thoughts on “Wicking Garden Bed

  1. Great job to all those involved and an impressive way to water wisely. Look forward to seeing what is going to be planted.

  2. I have learnt something new today! I saw the trenches dug in the garden beds and was wondering what was happening. I didn’t know anything about a wicking bed. Thank you for explaining it, 3/4s and for introducing it to our school.

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