Maths in the great outdoors!

IMG_3681In 5/6I we currently have a student teacher from ACU with us, Miss Paolilli! We have enjoyed having her in our class and especially have loved the engaging and fun Maths lessons she has planned.

This week, Miss Paolilli took the students outside for a maths probability lesson. The Year 5/6 students LOVED going outside and learning about the probability of scoring goals in basketball. Once back inside, the 5/6I students worked out the average, fraction and percentage for their scores. They then represented their data in a graph!

IMG_3662  IMG_3664

Santa is coming soon!

It is the first of December and we are getting very excited here in Prep!

We can’t wait for Santa to come. We are trying really hard with our choices to make sure our names are on the top of the nice list!

We have decorated our classroom and  have put up our Christmas tree. We think it looks great! We would also like to say a BIG thank you to Jola for being head of the tree committee!

Also we are very lucky because we have Rudolph or Ruby (Rudolph’s naughty sister) visiting our classroom and we get to ride one of them around the school when we have a special job!


Also Miss Lockyer said that at her house Hagrid is just as excited, can you tell?