Year 5 Visit to Roseville

Today some of the Year 5 students visited Roseville to meet their new buddies. Our visit to Roseville is a part of our Buddy Program. The feedback and buzz from the students on the way back indicated how much they enjoyed their first visit!

Sid with his buddies- Sebastian, Isla, Michael and Nicole.

Sid with his buddies- Sebastian, Isla, Michael and Nicole.

Phyllis, Carmel and Maureen with their buddies- Mia, Portia and Aaliyah.

Phyllis, Carmel and Maureen with their buddies- Mia, Portia and Aaliyah.

Jona and John with their buddies- Giselle, Chelsea and Daniel.

Jona and John with their buddies- Giselle, Chelsea and Daniel.

New FIRE Carrier Leaders for 2016

In a very moving ceremony attended by 5/6 students and Teachers, last year’s FIRE Carrier Leaders inducted our new leaders for 2016.  FIRE stands for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education and the FIRE Carrier programme has been the reason behind some very powerful, student lead actions over the past 3 years. Congratulations Isla, Alyssa, Nicole and Erin on this year’s appointment!



Programmers Club

programmersclubFRIDAY – LUNCH TIME – IN 3/4 S

The first session of Programmers Club was unfortunately cancelled due to all classes being kept inside due to extreme heat. Due to work commitments on Tuesday – Programmers Club will be held on Friday.

Programmers Club is open to students in Years 3-6 who have brought back their Digital Licence Application form.

Reading Groups are underway in 1/2

Reading Groups have kicked off for the year with children practising the following strategies:

  • Reading to self (independent reading)
  • Reading to someone (partner reading)
  • Checking for understanding (comprehension)
  • Listening to Reading (listening to and following a story on the Interactive whiteboard)
  • Word work (practising spelling using magnetic letters, whiteboards, coloured markers)
  • Reading using ICT (Individual programs using Reading Eggs on the iPads)
  • Guided Reading (Small Group with Teacher instruction)

Students have embraced the above strategies and are working towards staying on-task and focused during group activities.

20160217_095535 20160217_095556 20160217_095637 20160217_095511

Fantastic effort by swimming team

swimmingOn Friday the 19th of February, 34 St. Charles students went to Aquarena to represent our school at the Interschool swimming competition. We were swimming against students who swam every morning before school and students who were swimming State times. The competition was a very high standard indeed and our students gave their very best in all their races. Whilst I was very proud of the camaraderie shown and the encouragement given by so many of our students, I would like to highlight some great performances. Emi (5/6H) will represent our school at the Division Competition this coming Monday the 29th of February in butterfly. I’m sure you will join me in wishing her the very best and know that she will give her best effort and make us proud that she is representing our school.
There were many other great performances where students achieved a place in their races.
The following students achieved an improvement over their trial times:
In freestyle Kayden improved by 2 seconds, Lani by 3 seconds, Zane by 2 seconds, Oliver by 3 seconds, Chase by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds, Bianca by 5 seconds, Anja by 5 seconds, Thomas by 2 seconds, Chelsea by 6 seconds and Anthony S. by 8 seconds.
In backstroke Lani improved by 3 seconds, Jessica by 8 seconds, Isaac by 7 seconds, Sarina by 13 seconds and Caitlin by 13 seconds.
In breaststroke Emi improved by 3 seconds, Jemma by 2 seconds, Kana by 3 seconds, Massimo P. by 7 seconds, Ariella by 4 seconds, Sarina by 6 seconds, Adelle by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds and Marcus by 10 seconds.
In butterfly Emi improved by 5 seconds and Greta improved by 7 seconds.
Thanks to the many parents who came to assist and support our students. It’s just another example of the great community spirit at St. Charles


    What story is this character from?images      Reading with your child at home

  • When your children see you read and write, it teaches them that reading and writing are useful skills.
  • Reading with your children at home will help them in all areas of their learning at school.
  • Read together with your children and have a range of reading material available at home.
  • Try not to let television  intrude on reading time.
  • Be confident that your child will learn to read and develop their reading skills over time

Happy To Be Me!

On Thursday the preps enjoyed the production; ‘Happy To Be Me!’, as part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How Can I Be The Best Me?’.  The production focused on the development of self esteem and, also, in valuing differences in others. Some points for the preps to consider….

  • We are all different, and that’s great!
  • We should be proud of the way we look and the things we can do.
  • We all have special talents.
  • Keep practising and never give up.

Singing, dancing and stories magically appeared through the giant iPad. Some of the preps even joined in the production, wearing special costumes!





This year at St. Charles we have Grade 6 Italian monitors. They are Sienna and Dante B. They will be assisting Signora Di Muzio with all things Italian.

Below they have written a paragraph about themselves in Italian. 

Ciao mi chiamo Sienna. Ho undici anni. Io ho un fratello. Si chiama Marcus. Vado alla scuola di San Carlo Borromeo. Abito in Victoria, Australia. Sono Australiana. Il mio sport preferito è il nuoto. Il mio piatto preferito è la pizza margherita. Mi piace il netball e One Direction. A presto. Sienna.

Ciao, mi chiamo Dante. Ho undici anni. Vado alla scuola di San Carlo Borromeo. Abito a Melbourne. Sono Australiano. Io ho due fratelli e non ho sorelle. Il mio sport preferito è il calcio. Il mio piatto preferito è la pasta napolitana. Mi piace lo sport e mi piace guardare lo motor sport. Saluti. Dante.

Wonderful 1/2 s

We have been busy learning about some of our emotions after watching the movie Inside Out. We have talked about each of the characters and how they show the emotion. The children have then written about a time they have felt that emotion and when we have seen that emotion. It has been enlightening to see and hear the children respond so openly about their feelings and how they can effect the choices that they make.


Parent and Friends 2016 Planning

On Tuesday night families from our school community planned our social calendar for the year. Families are invited to assist with the following activities; parents might like to assist with the planning of these events or children might like to make posters. Please contact the office with any offers of support. 
Term 1
Hot Cross Buns                                        
Easter Raffle                        
Term 2
Mothers Day Stall                                      
Mothers Day Breakfast                              
Kids Fun Run                                             
Pizza Day                           
Term 3
Kids Disco (Prep – Yr 6)                         
Fathers Day Stall                                        
Fathers Day Breakfast                               
Football Hot Dog Day                           
Term 4
Dinner Dance  Sat. 15 Oct
School Raffle                        

Number Lines

Number Lines

We have been learning about number Lines in 3/4G.

Students had to createIMG_1898 a three digit number by rolling a die three times. As a class we then had to place our numbers on the number line in the correct order.

We then discussed how number lines can help us learn! We came up with:

IMG_1897They help us to skip count or jump count.

They help us to save time when counting.
They can help us when we are doing addition or subtraction.
They help us When we want to see where half way is.

How do number lines help you to learn?

Prep Faith Night

This week we had our faith night in prep.

We loved having Helen come and talk to the parents about their child and how they are developing their relationship with God.

It was great to see what the children drew for their ‘God like thing’.

Xander drew a picture of him and his dad under a rainbow.

Claudia drew a picture of her whole family.

Juliet drew a picture of her and her family looking at the stars.

IMG_3333 IMG_3335 IMG_3332

Parents in the School

This week parents have been invited to three different forums. I would like to thank the teachers and parents who gave up time to make these nights worthwhile. I’m sure when the boys and girls look at these photos they will be very proud seeing mum or dad!

Prep Faith Night                                                                Cyber Safety Night 

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Parent Helper Course 


1/2J’s Joy Wall

In 1/2J we have been exploring our emotions and how our emotions impact on our choices. We began by watching the movie ‘Inside Out’ and have been focusing on the main characters. The main characters are joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. We have been focusing on each emotion in our InquiRE times. We have created a joy wall where we have made the character joy out of paper plates and wrote two sentences about times we have felt joy and seen joy. Here are some of our sentences.

I have felt joy when my friends play with me. –Estelle

I have felt joy when I went to the beach house. – Mila

I have seen joy when my cousins comes over. – Alfie

I have felt joy when I first saw nibbles.- Lily

I have felt joy when my sister was born. – Oscar

I have seen joy when my friends play with me. – Maiah

I have seen joy when people score a goal. – Caleb

I have seen joy when Dion plays footy.- Thomas

I have felt joy when I started playing baseball. – Dante

I have felt joy when my big sister hugs me. – Zoe

I have seen joy when I was playing soccer. – Dion

I have felt joy when I go to the beach. – Alli

I have felt joy when I was on the airplane. – Grace

I have seen joy when my friends play on the monkey bars. – Bethanny

I have seen joy when we adopted a kitten. – Amon

I have seen joy when Oscar was playing soccer. – Alex

I have seen joy when I play basketball with my friends. – Max

I have seen joy when my friends got her dog. – Bianca

I have felt joy when I got a new puppy. – Kalita

I have felt joy when my dad tickles me. – Alannah

I have felt joy when I went to the beach. – Patrick

I have felt joy when I go on holidays. – Demi

I have felt joy when my sister hugs me. – Aimee

I have felt joy when I play with Mae. – Marie


Mathematics at St Charles!


Some of the students from 3/4KC have shared what they enjoy about Mathematics at St Charles.

I enjoy Maths because it helps me and I like all the fun games that we play. – Bianca

I enjoy Maths because it helps me to learn adding, subtracting and multiplying. – Hudson

I like Maths because we get to do every single topic. My favourite is is addition and subtraction. – Elyssia

I like Maths because sometimes we get to play maths games. I like learning about ‘take away’ and finding the answer. – Christian

I like Maths because I can learn a lot of different things. My favourite topic is plave value because it helps me to learn bigger numbers. – Olivia M

I like Maths because it is fun to learn and I like that we get to play games. My favourite topic is place value. – Olivia S

I like Maths becuase I enjoy learning new things and playing fun games. – Indianna

I enjoy Maths because you learn how to count and my favourite topic is place value because I can read 5 digit numbers. – CHloe 

I like Maths because I feel comfortable with it. It is not too hard but not too easy. – Georgia

I enjoy Maths because I get to try and challenge myself. I really enjoy challenging myself with multiplication. – Massimo

My favourite part of Maths is doing place value and playing place value games. – Mia

I enjoy Maths because there are always new and fun activities that we can also share with our families. My favourite topic is multiplication because I like to work it out in my head. – Mercedes

I like Maths because it helps understand my numbers and how I use them. This helps me solve Maths problems easily. – Sabina

Prep Welcome & Commissioning Mass BBQ

On Saturday night we welcomed our new Preps to the parish of St. Kevin’s, commissioned parish groups for 2016 and said goodbye to the old church. Starting next week all parish masses will be in the community room under the church until October when we have the chance to see our new church. Please continue to support the parish by attending masses. Remember it’s not the building that makes a parish it’s the people in it! 

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34 swimmers qualify for district swimming

swimmingAfter taking over 50 students to our swimming trials, we now have 34 swimmers competing against other schools on Friday the 19th of February.
We have Gemma, Kayden, Anja, Jemma, Chase, Lani, Thomas C.,Imogen, Marcus, Alexia, Holly, Dominic H., Oliver H., Ava H., Jessica, Ariella, Dante K., Nicole, Zane, Caitlin, Callum, Bianca, Isaac, Massimo, Emi, Kana, Georgia S., Olivia, Anthony S., Greta, Elena, Chelsea, Adelle and Sarina

Magpies make a flying visit


Last week the 3/4 students were lucky to have a free clinic hosted by the Collingwood AFL team. We were fortunate to have Brent Macaffer, Travis Varcoe, Jamie Elliott and Adam Treloar help us with kicking, handball and marking. They finished the session with a Q & A session. We found out that Jamie’s nickname is Billy and that if he wasn’t a footballer, he would be back on the farm driving the tractor and looking after the cows. Travis had a great sense of humour (you can tell from the photo!), Adam was happy to be back in Melbourne and Brent enjoyed playing basketball in the off season. Brent offered to take this photo.

Learning and Thinking in the 3/4 Class

These past two week have been filled with lots of learning about each other and getting classroom routines set for future learning  to take place. The photos below show how busy we have been asking questions about our InquiRE topic, ‘How can we maintain Happy Hearts, Healthy minds and Bodies and Harmonious Communities?’ 


IMG_1042                                            IMG_1044

As part of getting to know each other we have a created a wall of our qualities. 

Capture of wall


SRC Training with Kate!

Today our wonderful SRC reps participated in a training day with the equally wonderful Kate Wilde. It was a great day where the SRC reps from each class got to know each other a little better through fun team building games. There was lots of rich discussion throughout the day about how we can improve St Charles. The students worked really hard in small teams to brainstorm and begin planning four improvement actions for this term. Stay tuned…the SRC team have some exciting projects coming up!

SRC Reps and Kate

SRC Reps and Kate

Playing the 'Compassion Game'

Playing the ‘Compassion Game’

Team building game

Team building game

3/4 Pixel Portraits

The 3/4 classes have made a great start to 2016 in Art. They have begun the year by drawing a self portrait on grid paper. The students then followed a pattern to finish the art piece with their names on a smaller grid. These pieces will be on display in the corridor for everyone to enjoy looking at.

IMG_2441 IMG_2453 IMG_2452