Happy To Be Me!

On Thursday the preps enjoyed the production; ‘Happy To Be Me!’, as part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How Can I Be The Best Me?’.  The production focused on the development of self esteem and, also, in valuing differences in others. Some points for the preps to consider….

  • We are all different, and that’s great!
  • We should be proud of the way we look and the things we can do.
  • We all have special talents.
  • Keep practising and never give up.

Singing, dancing and stories magically appeared through the giant iPad. Some of the preps even joined in the production, wearing special costumes!



2 thoughts on “Happy To Be Me!

  1. Wow, that looks like a fun way to learn!! I do hope none of the preps turn out to be spiders though – that would be scary!!!!!

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