Fantastic effort by swimming team

swimmingOn Friday the 19th of February, 34 St. Charles students went to Aquarena to represent our school at the Interschool swimming competition. We were swimming against students who swam every morning before school and students who were swimming State times. The competition was a very high standard indeed and our students gave their very best in all their races. Whilst I was very proud of the camaraderie shown and the encouragement given by so many of our students, I would like to highlight some great performances. Emi (5/6H) will represent our school at the Division Competition this coming Monday the 29th of February in butterfly. I’m sure you will join me in wishing her the very best and know that she will give her best effort and make us proud that she is representing our school.
There were many other great performances where students achieved a place in their races.
The following students achieved an improvement over their trial times:
In freestyle Kayden improved by 2 seconds, Lani by 3 seconds, Zane by 2 seconds, Oliver by 3 seconds, Chase by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds, Bianca by 5 seconds, Anja by 5 seconds, Thomas by 2 seconds, Chelsea by 6 seconds and Anthony S. by 8 seconds.
In backstroke Lani improved by 3 seconds, Jessica by 8 seconds, Isaac by 7 seconds, Sarina by 13 seconds and Caitlin by 13 seconds.
In breaststroke Emi improved by 3 seconds, Jemma by 2 seconds, Kana by 3 seconds, Massimo P. by 7 seconds, Ariella by 4 seconds, Sarina by 6 seconds, Adelle by 3 seconds, Elena by 4 seconds and Marcus by 10 seconds.
In butterfly Emi improved by 5 seconds and Greta improved by 7 seconds.
Thanks to the many parents who came to assist and support our students. It’s just another example of the great community spirit at St. Charles

20 thoughts on “Fantastic effort by swimming team

  1. Great job everyone that did it. And everyone that tried. I’m sure you all did a fantastic job and a congratulations to everyone that got in!**

  2. I had a great time at the swimming inter school sports. I really liked how everyone had great sportsmanship and didn’t get upset if they didn’t get a ribbon. Thank you to Mr Puls for organising a great experience for grade threes and everyone else!!!

  3. I’m congratulating all the students who did swimming. Even the ones who didn’t get in. I especially congratulate Emi for doing a tremendous job in getting in to division!!!!!!!!!! GO EMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes it was a great performance by all. Ariella, you did very well swimming in a mixed Breast Stroke event and finishing 3rd place. You have experienced your first school competition and next year you will love it even more like your classmates. Well done to all who competed.

  5. I enjoyed swimming in District and Division swimming sports. It is a great opportunity for young swimmers to have fun and try there best. 🙂

  6. It was really fun day and everyone showed great sportsmanship. Well done to those who didn’t get in as well, you all did amazing and great job to everyone for trying their best.

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