New FIRE Carrier Leaders for 2016

In a very moving ceremony attended by 5/6 students and Teachers, last year’s FIRE Carrier Leaders inducted our new leaders for 2016.  FIRE stands for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education and the FIRE Carrier programme has been the reason behind some very powerful, student lead actions over the past 3 years. Congratulations Isla, Alyssa, Nicole and Erin on this year’s appointment!



27 thoughts on “New FIRE Carrier Leaders for 2016

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Erin,Nicole,Isla and Alyssa, you will be great fire carriers for this year 2016, I can’t wait to see you be great leaders for the school.

  2. Well done Nicole, Alyssa, Isla and Erin! I’m sure you will be great at supporting the Indigenous Australians!

  3. CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erin,Nicole,IsIa and Alyssa I am sure you will be great fire carriers for 2016 WELL DONE.

  4. Congratulations Alyssa,Erin,Isla and Nicole for on becoming a Fire Carrier.
    Hope you enjoy being a Fire Carrier.

  5. Well Done Girls! It was amazing that we’ve got such a good bunch of Fire Carriers. I enjoyed reading and badging a Fire Carrier in the ceremony.

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