Choir performances Bupa and assembly

We have created a choir group this year with students from grade 3 to grade 6. We have been learning and rehearsing very hard every Monday lunch time in preparation for our performance at Bupa retirement village.

Our performance at Bupa went extremely well, with Amazing Grace and Somewhere Over the Rainbow being the favourite songs for the residents (they liked Amazing Grace so much that they sang along with us and requested an encore, which we happily did).

The choir group were lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform two of their songs to the whole school before the Stations of the Cross today.

We are looking forward to more performances next term and already have two concerts scheduled in at Bupa :). Congratulations for the dedication shown by all students in the choir group! 

   choir 3choir 2choir

5 thoughts on “Choir performances Bupa and assembly

    • Thank you Mrs. Cahill, the students are very excited to be able to visit Bupa regularly to perform for them as they are a beautiful and appreciative audience :).

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