Our reflection on the ANZAC memorial ceremony

The Student Representatives from Year 3/ 4 classes and six other students from this level represented St. Charles at the local schools’ memorial ceremony, the week prior to ANZAC day.The ceremony was organised by the Templestowe Rotarians, who did a great job.

The Rotary Club had organised for representatives from all the local schools to be picked up by  bus and then we travelled a short distance to the Templestowe War Memorial.

There were a lot of schools who participated and it we were very proud to be representing our school at this important event.Each school laid a wreath at the foot of the memorial in memory of the fallen soldiers and although we were nervous, it was a great experience.

Everyone was very respectful and it reminded us of how lucky we are to live in a country like Australia.

Greta & LewisIMG_3347 IMG_3348

The Beach They Called Gallipoli

‘The Beach They Called Gallipoli’

This week 3/4G was fortunate enough to read this beautiful story by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

“As seen from the cove; the story of that beach where thousands died and legends were born. Gallipoli.”

As a reading activity,we were asked to draw our own version of the front cover.  Here is some of our work!

IMG_2371  IMG_2370 IMG_2369  IMG_2372

What do you think of our designs?

You might like to create your own and upload it into the comments!

Doncare food and item collection!

Each year at St Charles we help Doncare by collecting food and other items to help others in our local community. This term we are collecting food and items for our Annual Doncare Collection. This initiative is lead by the SRC and each year we work together to make a difference in the lives of others. We have decided to have weekly collections with specific items requested. Please see below for a schedule of the items we will be collecting each week for Doncare.  We ask that you bring in your items each week to your classrooms and we will collect them. Our collection will start on Monday.

Week 4 Tinned fruit, vegetables, soups and fish
Week 5 Dried Biscuits & Muesli Bars
Week 6 Noodles, Pasta, Rice and sauces 
Week 7 Coffee & Tea
Week 8 Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Week 9 Juice, longlife milk & breakfast supplies
Week 10 Spreads (vegemite, jam etc.)



5/6I Writing!

In 5/6I we started persuasive writing. Our topic is to compare Mount Evelyn to Sovereign Hill/Merrysville. Us students are trying to persuade readers to go onto our side of the story. We have been putting humorous, exciting words to make our piece more interesting.

5/6I has Assembly this Monday. If you are listening carefully you may be able to hear a few!


Genius Hour In 5/6I

In 5/6I we have been working on genius hour. Genius hour is where each student gets an hour a week to work on a passion project where we can present a project to the class on anything we are interested in.

Last term I completed my very first genius hour I decided to express my love for baking. Here is my presentation I hope you love it Just as much as I do.

3/4KC’s Mass Celebration

On Thursday, Grade 3/4KC celebrated their class mass. The children worked together to write the Prayers of the Faithful, choose songs and plan running of the mass

Being the 4th Sunday of Easter, the theme of the mass was

The Gospel message was about Jesus being a shepherd of people. He shows us the way to live our lives. He looks after us and cares for us, just as a shepherd looks after his sheep.

 one tree two

3/4 Season Trees

NickMThe change of seasons over the school holidays has inspired the 3/4 students first piece of art for Term 2. We began by drawing a tree that has trunk and branches in four parts of our page. We then used oil pastel to add colour to the tree and then went over the background with a blue food dye wash. In the next lesson, we began work on the seasons. White paint and tissue paper were used to represent winter and autumn. These are a work in progress, with summer and spring to be completed in next week’s lesson. We will show you how they look once completed!


Our ANZAC Garden



Jessica and Felicity’s dad working on the ANZAC garden.





What an improvement! Thank you to Mr. Thomas for buying the materials and plants. Do you know the name of the plant which surrounds the ANZAC roses?









Have you visited our ANZAC garden?









Chloe, George, Alexis and Seb about to lay the special symbols from our ANZAC ceremony into our garden.. Do you remember what these symbols represent?


Student Action team Chat

StudentActionTeamsManual2003_col_cover.11805951_stdToday Roger Holdsworth spoke with students in 5/6 about Student Action Teams.

Roger told the students they have the capacity to change their world by working together to make a difference.

Roger invited the students to think about something they wanted to change that would improve the community they live in.

Roger and 5:6 1Roger and SATs 2

Last call for rookies and also FREE ticket offer for Magpies v. Bulldogs

rookieI will be mailing these rookie offers next Monday. If you would like to sign up then there are still forms at the office.

For the first people to comment telling me how much they love the MAGPIES or … bulldogs – I have 21 free tickets to the Magpies v. Bulldogs at the M.C.G. on Sunday the 29th of May.


The tickets are up high in the Ponsford stand on level 4 – section Q35. They are undercover. The first people to comment and saying how many tickets they need will win this offer. First in – best dressed!

ANZAC Day Ceremony

The whole school gathered this morning for an ANZAC Day ceremony. We couldn’t have the ceremony on ANZAC Day because it was a public holiday. That didn’t stop us from paying respect to the ANZAC’s who fought for us. The main topic for this year’s ceremony was centenary of the Western Front in France and Belgium. All the students stayed respectful the whole ceremony.

Lest We ForgetAnzac-Logo-Red

Favourite activity of many was the GIANT swing









In the first photo you can see that Sebastian has been hauled “to the top” by his team who are encouraging him. In the second photo, Sebastian has pulled the cord and he is now plummeting down. In the third photo, he is at the apex of his flight. Even though he was nervous and anxious beforehand (like everyone else), Sebastian was able to conquer his fear and have an absolute adrenaline rush. The only regret students had was that they could only have one turn. We learnt that sometimes our worries are unfounded. Next time you see a power pole in the street – that’s how high they were!

What we are doing in P.E.


In Prep we are running, hopping and skipping. In skipping, I talk about “Hop, swap, hop, swap.” You can see in the photos how Lucia hops and swaps to the other foot. She has great technique. We will also be looking at the skill of kicking a ball.
In 1/2 we are revising running, hopping and skipping. They are learning the component parts of kicking a soccer ball and also learning to kick an A.F.L. ball. They are learning the skills of the dodge and the leap and how these skills can be used in a game situation.
In 3/4 students are revising the skills of kicking (soccer ball) and the punt (A.F.L. ball). They are learning the skills of volleyball. They are able to run in the cross country trials. 3/4 students are expected to run 2 kilometres. Students must be nine or older in this calendar year to trial.
In 5/6 we are revising skills that may be needed in winter interschool sports. We are revisiting skills used in soccer, volleyball, A.F.L. footy, tee ball, and netball. We are refining our technique for cross country running. One of our best cross country runners is Zane. His advice is to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing and to conserve energy to finish strongly. Don’t fall into the trap of sprinting at the beginning. Students in 5/6 are invited to trial for cross country. 5/6 students will trial for 3 kilometres

Podcasts for Kids



Our lungs are great at getting oxygen out of the air, but if we needed to do that underwater, we’d sink. So how do fish, shrimp, jellyfish and other marine animals breathe underwater? And what happens when there is no oxygen in the water for them to breathe?

Source: MPR News & Southern California Public Radio (website)

Past Episodes on our blog:

A Campers Life

Here’s a snapshot of our rooms and dinning area. The 5/6 children have been amazing, it has been a pleasure to take them away. A special thank you- to all the Staff at St. Charles who looked after our campers and to the staff who looked after the school and covered extra duties. Great team effort!  




The students in Prep. have been working hard in Italian learning to ask and respond to the questions Come ti chiami? and Come stai?


And Preps. don’t forget to share with your families all the Italian songs we have been learning as well. Alla prossima. Ciao.

Someone Who Is Special To Me

This week in our InquiRE unit we have been talking about my family and we have created an artwork to show a special someone what they mean to us. We used the sentence My _____ is special to me because____

It was beautiful to hear all the lovely things about our family members and why so many people are special to the 1/2J class. We hope that you can come on in and have a look at our work in the next couple of weeks and definitely check out if you’re our special someone.

In the comments let 1/2J know who is special to you and why?

IMG_7460 (1) IMG_7461 (1) IMG_7462 IMG_7463

Preps are Good Friends!

The preps have been learning about being good friends. Good friends fit together!

We listened to a song about being good friends, then we talked about what makes a good friend.

“A good friend smiles!”   “A good friend is helpful!”   “A good friend uses their manners!”  

“A good friend lets everyone play!”

“A good friend lets someone else go first!”  “A good friend is respectful!”



What does ANZAC Day mean to you? 


April 25 is a day of remembrance. 

ANZAC Day is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

The Ode below is said at all ANZAC ceremonies?
‘They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.’ 

Let me know what ANZAC day means to you? Why should we remember all of the service men and women who have fought in wars in the name of Australia?