Leadership talk by Collingwood players starting at 10:40am tomorrow

cold piesCollingwood has the greatest following of any club in the land. They are loved by many and despised by the rest.
Back in February, the 3/4 students were fortunate enough to have a visit from Travis Varcoe, Jamie Elliott, Brent Macaffer and Adam Treloar. They were wonderful ambassadors for the club and they helped run a clinic and answered all the questions posed to them by the students. Now it is the turn of the 5/6 children to have a visit from the players. We don’t know which players are coming but we do know what they will be doing at our school. Leadership is an area AFL clubs take very seriously. Brent Macaffer is a player who was elected to the Leadership group by his fellow players. It is timely for the 5/6 students as we head off to camp this week where we need to work together. We need to support each other especially when we are under stress, nervous, anxious or challenged. We have a great opportunity to talk to players who are under the microscope. We have a chance to ask them how they cope when they’re under pressure. Miss Hahn is not allowed to ask any questions – she can just sit up the back grinning like the Cheshire cat. I will bring tissues for Mrs Ibrahim and myself.

9 thoughts on “Leadership talk by Collingwood players starting at 10:40am tomorrow

  1. It was great to hear the Collingwood players speak on leadership today! (Even if am very sad about their losing streak). I particularly enjoyed how Steele Sidebottom spoke about having other interests and jobs outside of footy. Did you know that Steele Sidebottom is learning how to be a landscaper? Did you know that Brodie Grundy is learning to be a Physiotherapist? Great job Mr Puls for organising this for the 5/6 students!

  2. it was actually great to meet the Collingwood players talk about leadership,values and how and what to do to be confident when you are on camp.

  3. It was so awesome seeing the Collingwood players (even after their terrible losing streak!) because the are so nice and the leadership talk was really interesting!

  4. YES I REALLY ENJOYED HAVING THE COLLINGWOOD PLAYERS COME! It was a great opportunity for the 5/6’s to learn about leadership and how to be a good role model! It was really fun!

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