3/4 Homework Task


Ask a family member or a friend what they believe is the most important/ interesting or exciting moment in Australia’s history.

Post a comment that says:

  1. Who you asked (do not use full names, just write ‘Mum’, ‘Grandpa’, etc)

  2. What they thought was most important or interesting or exciting

  3. Why they believe it to be important or interesting or exciting

I look forward to reading your responses!

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  1. My mum thinks one of the interesting things that happened in Australian history is when the first bank was opened in 1817! Even though she works for the NAB (and the first bank was a Westpac) it is important because it means our country was becoming wealthier.

  2. My dad thinks one of the greatest moments in Australia’s history is when Australia beat the Americans in 1983 for the Americas Cup. The race win hepled Australia show the rest of the world what we are capable of as a nation. It was the first time in 132 years of the races history that the Americans were defeated. 🙂

  3. I interviewed my Dad on Australia’s history and he said it is important to acknowledge that the Aboriginal people inhabited Australia for thousands of years before white settlement.
    My Dad believes that it is important because the Aboriginal people are the original owners of Crown land.

  4. I Interviewed my mum on Australian history and she said an important event was in January 1901 when Edmund Barton became the 1st Prime Minister of Australia. My mum believes this is important because that’s when Australia became a federation.

  5. I ask my mum on Australia’s history and she said it was when the first white people stepped in Australia in the 1770’s the best known person is captain cook and there is many more people before him . The Aboriginal lived here between 40.000 and 70.000 years ago the sad part about it is that the white people killed then.

  6. I asked my dad and he said that last year’s Melbourne Cup was an historic occasion. For the first time in history a female jockey (Michelle Payne) rode the winning horse. What is also exciting is the horse (Prince of Penzance) was trained by Darren Weir who is from a small country town called Berriwillock which is near our farm at Patchewollock.

  7. I asked my mum what she thought was the most important event in Australian history, and she thought the most important event was when the Australian people recognised the Aboriginal’s rights.

  8. I asked my mum and she answered that it was when television first came to Australia in 1956.
    It was just in time for the 1956 olympics. The first words were “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to television.”
    It is interesting because it was 70 years ago!!

  9. So many interesting responses to this question! An exciting moment in Australia’s history for me was watching Cathy Freeman win a gold medal in the 400 metre race at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. I was so happy for her!

    • Thanks for your post Mrs Kavanagh! I remember that moment in history very well. I loved the Sydney Olympics and remember how special it was watching the opening and closing ceremony that showed the world some of our history and culture (even if some of it was a bit stereotypical!)

  10. Well done to all those students who have commented so far. I am really enjoying reading your responses and can’t wait to read some more!

    I believe an important part of our history is the ‘Gold Rush’. The Gold Rush first started when a man called Edward Hargraves claimed to have found gold in a town called Orange in New South Wales. Not only did the ‘Gold Rush’ bring wealth to our nation but it also brought many people from around the world to our country, many of whom stayed on to make Australia their home. They brought with them new skills and professions, but most importantly new cultures. Australia is considered a very multicultural society and this is just one of the events in our history that has contributed to that.

  11. My dad told me, in 1973 the Australian Football Team (The Socceroos) qualified for their first ever Football World Cup, which was to be held in West Germany in 1974, they scored no goal and won no games however came back as heroes. The Socceroos failed to qualified for another 30 years although in November of 2005 that was about to change. Australia had to play Uruguay, one of the best football teams in South America, we lost the first game in Uruguay and won the second game in Sydney which we then had to have a penalty shootout, John Aloisi scored the last penalty to take us to the World Cup. My dad told me it was the best day of his life, at the time and one of Australia’s greatest nights.

  12. I asked my Mum and she said, in 1854 the gold rush because there was lots of gold found in Australia. As a result of this lots of people from all over the world like China and Europe came to Australia looking for gold.They brought to Australia new skills, languages and food.The gold rush was the start of Australia becoming multicultured and unique!

  13. I asked my mum what she thought was the most important event in Australian history. My mum said it is the National Firearms Agreement. She thinks it’s important because when this agreement was made more than 700,000 guns were collected and destroyed. Since that time there has be no more mass shootings in Australia.

  14. I asked my Mum and she said, Ned Kelly was a memorable person in Australia’s history. People thought he was a hero because he helped the poor people by steeling money and animals for them. But others thought he was a bad guy because he stole and killed people, including police. He was 25 when he died

  15. I asked my Dad and he suggested an interesting event in Australian history is when Australia hosted the Olympics. These were held in Melbourne in 1956 and also in Sydney in 2000. He said it showcased the country and our volunteers as well as our AMAZING sport ability.

  16. I asked my Dad what he thought was important in Australia’s history and he said the invention of Australian Football. Australian football was invented in Melbourne in 1858. It started with just 2 college teams and was played at the original Melbourne Cricket Ground Richmond Paddock with a circle ball . This is now the game of AFL that we follow today with 18 teams from different states in Australia.

  17. i asked my dad and he said the most important moment of australian history was when captin james cook discovered australia in 1788 because if he did not discover australia it whould not be the same that it is today

  18. I asked my dad what he thought was important in Australian history and his answer was Phar Lap the horse.
    It would have been a great experience to have seen this horse win 37 races out of 51.
    Phar Lap went to the the United States and beat the best horse of all time. And was the 3rd highest stake winner in the world.
    Phar Lap died in 1932 a sudden and mysterious death. The news of the death of Phar Lap shocked Australia.

  19. My Dad is footy crazy, so he says that one of the most important moments in Australian history was in 1858 when a game of Australian Rules football between two school teams was recorded! He said if it wasn’t for this moment he probably wouldn’t be watching Fox Footy today – which makes him very happy!!! So my dad agrees with Reyhan’s dad! 🙂

  20. I asked my dad what he thought was important in Australian history and he said that January 1st 1901 was when all six states were joined together under a single constitution to form a federation with Edmund Barton as our first Prime Minister.

  21. I asked my Grandma what she believed was the most important moment in Australian history, she said: when Australia was first discovered. It was important to her because it allowed her and the family to migrate to Australia so they could have a better life!

  22. My mum thinks the most important moment in Australian history is the mass migration of the southern Europeans in the 1950’s and the 1960’s. She thinks this because it was when her parents and family left Greece which was terrible because of war. Her parents came to Australia to start a new life away from poverty and war and went on to establish a better life, a family and a generation of Australians that includes me! 🙂

  23. My sister thinks the most important part of Australian history is both the first and second world war. This is because she believes that the Australian men and women were fighting to look after our land and people.

  24. I asked my dad what he felt the most important event in Australian history would be and he replied it would have to be the arrival in 1788 of the first British ships into Port Jackson. On our special day each year, Australia Day , we celebrate the beginning of our great country.

    It’s a day when we feel proud to be Australian and thankful for the beautiful mix of cultures we know as Australia today.

  25. Mum thought that it was interesting how Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of New Holland in 1770,and named it New South Wales.

  26. I interviewed my Dad on an important moment in Australia’s history and he said 25 April,1916 being Anzac Day. ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army corps) Anzac Day on the 25 of April each year we remember and pay respect for the men and women who served and sacrificed their lives for the freedom we have today.

  27. My Mum believes that one of the important events in Astralian history is the Port Arthur massacre. Becase it was when a man went and shot a lot of innocent people for no reason and the Prime minister (John Howard) changed the gun laws which now makes Australia a safer place.

  28. My mum said Australia was the second country in the world to give women the right to vote 1902.
    This is an important part of history because it gave woman a voice. It was the first step in gaining equality and freedom of speech.

  29. My Mum thought an exciting time in Australia’s history was when Australia was announced that they were hosting the 2000 Olympic games(held in Sydney).She remembered getting up early in the morning to here announcer say “and the winner is Sydney”He exclaimed in a funny accent.

  30. My dad said one of the most exiting events that he’s ever seen is when the Australins won the Americas cup yacht race in 1983! Which the American team had held for 132 years so the U.S.A won the first 2 races but the Australians took the 3rd and came back to win the 5th and 6th races after the Americans won the 4th race this was the first time the Americans cup history that it went to a 7th race to decide a winner! So the final race was on TV in the early morning of the 27th of September 1983 and it was watched by millions of people as the Australian yacht which was called Australia 2 crossed the finish line 41 seconds in front of the American yacht to win the American cup! This was a very exiting time in Australia’s sporting history!

  31. i interviewed my mum on the inportent moments in Australia’s history and she said that the stollen jenoration is interesting because that’s the time that us settlers came in and took all the Abiriginals children. then came invation day.

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