Lila Food Stall Caritas!!

Flashback in time to Friday!!! The Lila food stall was an absolute blast. We made All Berry Bang smoothies Β and Watermelon Crush juices. In our group we had Imogen, Amy, and Lanah we were very busy, but grateful that we also had Kaz (Imogen’s Mum) to help us through the stress! Thank you to our amazing advertisers Francesca , Sienna D, Holly and Georgia. All the food stall’s did great, well done everyone!!! πŸ™‚

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22 thoughts on “Lila Food Stall Caritas!!

  1. Well done the LILA’s store the watermelon crush and the berry bang where yummy.
    And well done all the 5/6’s for setting up very clean and cleaning up very neatly at the end.

  2. Well done girls! I had an all berry bang smoothie and it was AMAZING! You guys did amazing, and so did all the other groups including the education group, and the sport and activity group. Well done everyone all our work paid off! It was a successful day!

  3. All of you girls did an amazing effort on Caritas day! The display around the shop was really surprising and I’m sure that everyone loved your delicious drinks. Go Lila’s! πŸ™‚

    – Angie

  4. It was a great day! Everyone had so much FUN and I loved making smoothies and juices. Well done to everyone who participated!

  5. Great job to all of the food stalls on raising lots of money I can’t beleive we raised over 700 dollars! πŸ™‚

  6. Well done everyone! The school was buzzing with activity and energy. The day went smoothly, the food was yummy, the education sessions were informative and the art and sport session was fun. For those of you that are interested I kicked my first ever soccer goal.

  7. Everyone did an amazing job! Great job the LILA’s store. Your beverages looked and tasted so DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!

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