Favourite activity of many was the GIANT swing









In the first photo you can see that Sebastian has been hauled “to the top” by his team who are encouraging him. In the second photo, Sebastian has pulled the cord and he is now plummeting down. In the third photo, he is at the apex of his flight. Even though he was nervous and anxious beforehand (like everyone else), Sebastian was able to conquer his fear and have an absolute adrenaline rush. The only regret students had was that they could only have one turn. We learnt that sometimes our worries are unfounded. Next time you see a power pole in the street – that’s how high they were!

9 thoughts on “Favourite activity of many was the GIANT swing

    • When you get to the top of the Giant Swing you feel scared but once you pull the cord to swing it is really fun.

  1. YES! Going on the giant swing was definitely me favourite activity! Going to the top is definitely worth it! Mount Evelyn was a really fun camp and I’m REALLY sad we had to leave 🙁 The night time activities where REALLY fun as well. And I’m excited for next years!

  2. Nice job Sebastian, You were brave to go to the top. Nearly everyone in our cabin(no. 18) went to the top including me. Great job Sebastian and happy birthday on the 29th.(Today)

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