What we are doing in P.E.


In Prep we are running, hopping and skipping. In skipping, I talk about “Hop, swap, hop, swap.” You can see in the photos how Lucia hops and swaps to the other foot. She has great technique. We will also be looking at the skill of kicking a ball.
In 1/2 we are revising running, hopping and skipping. They are learning the component parts of kicking a soccer ball and also learning to kick an A.F.L. ball. They are learning the skills of the dodge and the leap and how these skills can be used in a game situation.
In 3/4 students are revising the skills of kicking (soccer ball) and the punt (A.F.L. ball). They are learning the skills of volleyball. They are able to run in the cross country trials. 3/4 students are expected to run 2 kilometres. Students must be nine or older in this calendar year to trial.
In 5/6 we are revising skills that may be needed in winter interschool sports. We are revisiting skills used in soccer, volleyball, A.F.L. footy, tee ball, and netball. We are refining our technique for cross country running. One of our best cross country runners is Zane. His advice is to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing and to conserve energy to finish strongly. Don’t fall into the trap of sprinting at the beginning. Students in 5/6 are invited to trial for cross country. 5/6 students will trial for 3 kilometres

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