Cook’ s Cottage Excursion

CookscottageOn Monday, 2nd May, the Grade 3/4’s went on an excursion to Cook’s Cottage. 3/4KC has written an Acrostic Poem with the knowledge they learnt about this special house.



Conservatory housed of a variety beautiful plants

Old cottage built in 1755

Overwhelmed by the size of the cottage and the experience of seeing it

Kept by Melbourne Trust

Situated  at Fitzroy Gardens


Curious how they lived in such a small house

Owners of the cottage were Captain Cook’s parents, James and Grace Cook

The scarred Tree is special to the Indigenous People

Transported from a village of Great Ayton, Yorkshire in England

Attracts many tourist from all over the world

Great opportunity to see Cook’s Cottage, a place he grew up in

Educational for everyone!

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