Doncare Food Drive (Week 1)

Every Friday the 5/6 SRC and captains go around to each class and count the food collected, add it up and record it on the thermometer which lets us see our total. The thermometer will be hung up in the front of the office.

Our current total is 218

Next week’s food items to bring are biscuits and muesli.


6 thoughts on “Doncare Food Drive (Week 1)

  1. Wow 218 On the first week? That’s great! Good job everyone~! Keep the good work up. C:

  2. Well done everyone for the great effort in week one of our Doncare food drive. Thank you to Daniel and Nicole who went and collected the totals for the week. Good team effort!

  3. I’m shocked and surprised because we have collected 218 on the first week.
    Keep up the good work everyone.:)

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