5/6’s Singing bowl.

IMG_0220How do you use a Tibetan singing bowl?

(1) Take the shape looking like bun and put it under the bowl.
(2) Hold the middle of the stick.
(3) Gently rub around the bowl with the wooden bit of the stick so that you can hear the noise of calmness.
(4) If you like, you can even tap the bowl gently to make a gentle bang noise.


11 thoughts on “5/6’s Singing bowl.

  1. Many thanks to Elena who helped me set up,video tape it and pack.
    As you can see below that Elena was cleaning up with me.

  2. Great job Sarina on taking the time and effort to learn how to learn to use the Tibetan bowl in her own time out of school.
    WELL DONE!!!

  3. Sarina, thank you I have been learning to use it, but your video made it clearer. I would appreciate it if you could teach me in person.

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