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  1. I found this really interesting. I had no idea democracy came from Greece. It has came a long way by now women are allowed to vote and we not longer have servants so everyone has the freedom to vote in Australia but not all countries allow women to vote and have a public voice.

    • I completely agree with Georgia. She said exactly what I was going to say. Mr C I think the answer to your question is New Zealand.

    • I also had no idea that democracy was a Greek word and I think that it was much better to let most the people

    • I agree with Georgia!
      This was a very interesting video clip that was full of information.
      Democracy is great because yo get to have a voice and the freedom to vote.

    • I agree with Georgia. This is a very interesting video clip and you learn a lot about democracy and how it works.

  2. Before I watched BTN I didn’t know what Democracy was but now I do also it is helpful that we lean about it earlier so in the future when we need to vote you now what it is about and what to fight about

    • I agree Taylor. I didn’t anything about Democracy before this BTN episode. Something I found interesting that I didn’t know was that, Demos means people and that Kratos means power or rule.

  3. I think it’s great that Australia is a representative democracy country because everyone has a say, unlike other countries like North Korea and Zimbabwe which are dictatorship countries where no-one has a say. I feel lucky that I live in Australia where there is people voice, where everyone has a chance to get education, where everyone has a chance for a job and where everyone can be free from their differences. 🙂

    • I agree with Catherine because it’s great that Australian is a representative democracy country because everyone has a say,Not like other countries which are dictatorship countries where no one says.
      🙂 (:

    • I agree with Catherine because we are lucky to live in Australia because we have a right to say what we think. Dictatorship countries don’t have the right to say.

    • I agree with Catherine. But I also learnt that there are different types of governments like Absolute Monarchy’s and Dictatorships and now Democracy is the most popular type of government in the world. I found this very interesting. Another point is that in Greece they didn’t let women, slaves and poorer people vote.

  4. It’s great how Australia let people have a say. I think all other countries should be led by democracy.I learnt that democracy was formed in Greece and that some other countries don’t get a say at all. I feel sorry for countries that are led by a dictator. Everyone needs a say!

  5. I personally think that other people having a say and developing a democracy is fantastic. Like Georgia said, I actually never knew that the word democracy came from Greek. We are very lucky that we are a democratic country too instead of being a country with dictation. Everyone regardless how old and what gender they are can now vote. What a change through history, right? 🙂

  6. I thought it was great that we learnt about this topic.I fount it was really interesting that the word came from Greece i never knew that.I also liked the fact that it explained why it was called Democracy and explained the meaning and everything.I am really happy that times have changed and both women and men can vote.

  7. Before I watched the video I didn’t know what democracy meant now, I know. It was very informative!!! I also like how it explained what the word democracy meant, and I also never knew that the word came from Greece.

  8. I learnt that democracy came from Greece. I didn’t know that women and servants weren’t allowed to vote. I think that everybody has the right to voted and that has definitely changed over the years.

  9. I really agree with Mia I had no idea that democracy meant ” rule of the people”. I also didn’t now that democracy can from the Ancient Greece I find this really interesting.

  10. What a wonderful country we live in!! Isn’t it great that we can express our feelings, beliefs and opinions? Imagine if we could not give our say based on our financial situation or if we’re females? We are blessed that we live in Australia. Democracy has really changed over the years, what an improvement!

    • I agree with Francesca. It is great how all Australians have a say. It is wonderful now how women are allowed to vote too. I couldn’t imagine living in a country were people didn’t have free speech.

      • I agree with Isla and Francesca. Australia is a wonderful country and we are so lucky to live here! It’s great how we have freedom of speech and equal rights. I never knew that democracy was from Ancient Greece and I also learnt lots about the different types of governments all around the world. I thought this BTN story was very informative.

  11. I never knew that democracy came from Greece and I like how everyone in Australia can vote no matter who you are. Australians get to have a say in their beliefs and stand up for their opinion.

  12. I found it surprising that the idea of a democracy government came from Greece and I am glad that Australia has become one. From being a democracy government where women and poor people couldn’t vote (only reasonably wealthy people could) to where everyone over the age of 18 in Australia has to vote, it has evolved very much and is very different to what it was like before.

  13. I think that democracy should be in every country, because people of any age or gender can vote.
    Like Francesca said, we are absolutely blessed to live in Australia.Democracy has really changed since ancient Greece. I love how people get to say their opinions without a mean and horrible punishment/consequence!

  14. This was a very informative video about democracy and other forms of governments like absolute monarchy and dictatorship. I like the system we have here in Australia, that we have freedom of speech, equal rights and justice for everyone. I personally would not like to live under a dictatorship.

  15. I agree with everyone who agreed with Jake because people need rights and it’s not fair if women and poor people don’t get to vote for their countries leader or for their own and countries rights. All people should have a say.

  16. I found this information from BTN really interesting because I had no idea that Democracy came form Greece. I also didn’t know much about Democracy and now I know a lot about it. Like Francesca and Alyssa said I feel very blessed and lucky that I get to live in Australia and get to have a say in ideas and for making Australia a better place! I also found out that Demos=People and Kratos=Power or rule and I found that really interesting!

  17. I agree with Nicole about how I had no idea that democracy came from Greece. I really did not know much about democracy and through watching that clip, I learnt a lot and I found it very interesting. I learnt that democracy means rule of the people. Also that only wealthy men were aloud to vote, but now we are all aloud to vote.

  18. I never knew that democracy came from Greece!? I found this very interesting and I think that that we live in a wonderful country and are very lucky that we can give our opinion!! ♡

    • I agree Sienna G I never knew democracy came from the country Greece. I thought that is was very good to know that we live in a great country and know we have our own rights.:)

  19. I also never new that Greek rulers made democroacy it is really good that they made but it wasn’t really fair I like it now how our country has made it fair about democracy we are in a really good country and we are really lucky.

  20. I found this episode really fascinating because i never knew that democracy came from Greece plus were luck that we don’t have a government that bosses us around and make us do all those things

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