Heart Kids Foundation

Dear families of St Charles,

In 5/6I we do a program called Genius Hour. For our Genius Hour passion project, we have decided to focus on ‘Heart Kids’ which is a charity that supports kids with heart problems. As a part of our project we are asking all classes to support the heart kid by donating 50 cents. Each class will have a box which you can put your donation in.

The class that raises the most donations will get  20 minutes of extra recess time.

Thanks from Portia and Aaliyah



3 thoughts on “Heart Kids Foundation

  1. This is such a great idea Portia and Aaliyah.
    Well done for coming up with that idea.

  2. What a beautiful idea girls!!! You both are truly wonderful for remembering our angel, Portia Grimbos.
    Anita & John Grimbos

  3. I hope 5/6I can be the class to get the 20 minutes of extra recess.I liked how you didn’t chose to do your favorite food or animal for Genius Hour.Good job Portia and Aaliyah!

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