Exciting times

School-Bus-ClipartHello everyone are you feeling excited?

Well you are in luck. In the comment box bellow tell me what makes you excited and why.

Some things you could write about are winning a soccer game, seeing a musical, filling up your bee chart or having your birthday! I can’t wait to read what you write!

Happy commenting!!!

6 thoughts on “Exciting times

  1. I know I posted this but I for got to write what makes me exited! Something that makes me exited is playing with my friends because they are friendly and make me feel safe.

  2. Some things that makes us excited in 3/4SC are:
    winning a soccer match, going to a friend’s house, having a birthday party or going to a birthday party, having a sleep over, going to an AFL match especially when our team wins

  3. What makes me excited is my birthday every year because I get to celebrate with my family, oh and also seeing Collingwood win a game! 🙂

  4. I get excited when I win a basketball game, have a birthday party, and when it’s nearly Christmas.

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