Today in Italian the 1/2s had a lot of fun making MINESTRONE.

The vegetables we used were carote, patate, zucchini, cavolo, sedano, cipolle, fagioli and pomodori.

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In the afternoon we ate the minestrone. Lots of children came back for seconds. Che buono!

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9 thoughts on “Italian

  1. Wow, 1/2’s! It must have been hard to resist the minestrone while you were making it. You guys seem you put a lot of effort in making it, maybe you could make some for your family! Looks delicious and you just made me feel hungry. 🙂

  2. Thanks to all the mums and dads that helped to make the Minestrone it was very good. I love Minestrone I had two cups of it.💙👍

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