EIT needs you!

Are you interested in the environment?

Do you care for our plants and animals?

Are you passionate about what is happening to our world?

Do you want to teach people about how they can protect our land?

If so EIT is for you!

If you are in grade 3/4/5 and you want to join the EIT team either comment below or write down and give to Miss Lockyer by Friday 22nd July,

Why the environment is so important to you and what you want to do to protect it’ .

2 thoughts on “EIT needs you!

  1. The environment is important to me because image what the world would be like without food and dirty without plants, veggie patches and other environmental nature.
    It’s important to me for many reasons but one of them is with out nature, and environment this world wouldn’t be as clean as how we want it to be.
    So that’s why i want to be a E.I.T.

  2. I would like to be a EIT monitor. I would like to help the Environment and care for it. I would water them and plant more seeds for them to live!!!!!!!! Please Choose me!!!! (:

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