Futsal 2016!

This year St Charles have been invited to a Futsal Competition!

Mr Puls has made two teams of 7 to compete on Friday 26th of August. These are the two teams that will compete.

Zane (5/6C)                                                                  Adam (5/6C)

Josh (5/6I)                                                                   Chase (5/6I)

Julian (5/6C)                                                                Daniel (5/6I)

Jake (5/6I)                                                                    Oliver (5/6I)

Callum (5/6I)                                                                Dominic (5/6H)

Aaron (5/6I)                                                                  Isaac (5/6I)

Massimo (5/6C)                                                            Kayden (5/6C)

ASB Trans Tasman Cup, Futsal Whites v Futsal Roos, ASB Stadium, Kohimarama, FSaturday 22 September 2012. Photo: Simon Watts/photosport.co.nz

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