Masterchefs in the Making

The Preps have been busy learning all about procedural texts. Procedures tell us how to do something. We have read and viewed procedures to make different animals. We have written procedures for cleaning our teeth and making breakfast. Our favourite type of procedure is a recipe. Last week we baked chocolate chip biscuits and, this week, we made chocolate balls. They were delicious!

IMG_0639       IMG_0640     IMG_0643

IMG_0644                                                                              IMG_0645

3 thoughts on “Masterchefs in the Making

  1. How lucky you are Preps to have such lovely teachers as Mrs Maher and Miss Lockyer to do some baking with you! I hope the chocolate balls were delicious!

  2. Those chocolate balls and chocolate chip biscuits look so delicious Preps. I wish I was in your class
    on that day.

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