September Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to the following students born in September!

Sarina H- Prep L, Grace F-1/2J, Bianca G-1/2J, Tayah C-1/2C, Evie G-1/2B, Chiara M- 1/2C,

Angus T-1/2C, Sienna B-3/4S, Mikayla B- 3/4S, Thomas C-3/4KC, Spencer D-3/4G,

Indianna L-3/4KC, Dylan M-3/4KC, Nicholas M-3/4G, Alexis T-3/4S, Teagan K-3/4KC,

Anthony S-3/4S, Dominic K-5/6C, Fontaine K- 5/6H, Kayden B-5/6C, Myar M-5/6C & Emi R-5/6H.Unknown

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