5/6H ‘Teach a Skill’ sessions

In 5/6H this term we have started a session called ‘Teach a Skill’, where two students names are randomly drawn out and they get to teach the class a skill of their choice. We have learnt tap dancing, how to do different accents, how to make creative things and a whole heap of other fantastic skills. One of the favourite skills that we learnt was how to teach your dog some cool tricks, this was modeled to us by Indi and her beautiful dog Marcos. Marcos is a guide dog in training that Indi’s family have been taking really good care of and training so that he will be ready to become a guide dog soon. Thank you to Indi’s Mum Rebecca for bringing Marcos in, we always love seeing him :)!

indi-2 indi-1

9 thoughts on “5/6H ‘Teach a Skill’ sessions

  1. good luck Marcos on being a guide dog your going to change someone’s life. great job Rebecca training a puppy isn’t the easiest thing to do.

  2. Great job Indi for teaching the class about amazing skills that you can do with your dog Marco! I’m sure everyone enjoyed it! That can encourage other students to get a guide dog and train it because it goes to a good cause! 🙂

  3. Amazing job Indi for teaching the class about skills that you can do with your cute dog Marcos! “Teach a skill” sounds like it is a very amazing game and fun game for other classes to do as well.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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