Bullystoppers: I AM JACK

In 3/4 this term, we are learning more about the term ‘bully’ and the different behaviours associated with bullying. Through the guidance of Kate Wilde and the story ‘I am Jack’ by Susanne Gervay, student action teams are currently researching and preparing a presentation for the end of term Bullystoppers evening. We are also eagerly awaiting a visit from Susanne Gervay on March 17th as part of National Day Against Bullying. Take some time to ask a 3/4 student their thoughts about this book and programme, we would love to share our insights with you!


4 thoughts on “Bullystoppers: I AM JACK

  1. I hope that you enjoy the book I am jack. It is very heartwarming and touching the i read it it made me think more about bullying inside school and outside school.

  2. I hope everyone enjoys the book “I AM JACK”.
    It’s based on a true story about bullying inside and outside of a school.

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