Stations of the Cross

Today, the school took a walk through the Stations of the Cross as a way to connect with the events of Good Friday. Each class depicted a ‘station’ and we walked through reflecting on a short passage and prayer read by some of our Year 6 Leaders. It was a very moving, powerful and prayerful liturgy that reminded us all to simply take time to reflect. Well done to everyone on their input and effort. Wishing you all a happy, safe and reflective Easter.


We are having an Easter Day today, where we are playing lots of Easter games!

We have been singing the Easter Bunny Pokey, making an Easter Basket, egg and spoon races and playing pin the tail on the Easter Bunny (not all tails got on the Easter Bunny).

Our Easter Day has been so much fun!

Twilight School

Yesterday we had our first twilight school at St. Charles and all the students I spoke to loved the day. Twilight school gave parents and grandparents a chance to visit their children in classrooms and see what they are doing. I thank all families for supporting this event and adjusting roster and routines. Please email or leave a comment on the blog about your thoughts or feedback. 

Washing Smelly Feet

In the 1/2 Level, we are learning about the events of Holy Week.

On Holy Thursday, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before sitting down to celebrate the Last Supper. He told them, and us, a message to ‘Love one another as He loved them’


The students had the experience of ‘washing each other’s feet’!

Each child took turns in the role play as Jesus, washing the feet of his disciples as well as having their feet washed, being a disciple!

Bullystoppers Expo- Oh what a night!

It was a fabulous celebration of learning and fun when the 3/4 Level showcased their Bullystoppers projects on Thursday night! We had an amazing turn-out from family and friends to support our action teams present workshops on: Cyber Bullying, Racial Bullying, Frenemies as well as many, many more! Well done to every student on the effort, enthusiasm and pride they’ve put into Bullystoppers this term!


This week in prep we have been talking about what belonging means and thinking about all the different groups we belong to.  

We have made circles that show all the different groups we belong to!


School Photos

It’s School Photo Day!

We haven’t let the weather spoil our fun. We are taking our photos in front of the beautiful mural in the foyer of our school hall.


1/2 KC did a great job listening to instructions to get ready for the class photo.

Thank you to our Vice Captains Dominic and Sienna for getting all the classes organised and to their photos on time.

I was green with envy

Look what I saw on Twitter from the CEM account.

Great to see Elena S. doing the “Bus Stop” dance

Great to see St. Charles with their GREEN uniform at the celebration for Catholic Schools in the gardens after the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Friday the 17th of March.

MS Cycle

On the 26th of March Ethan (5/6SC) and Lucas F (5/6SC)¬†are doing the 30km MS Cycle to raise money for MS. We have 8 people on our team – JP’s Saviours.

If you would like to donate money to the cause, please click on the website below.

My Dad has MS and I would like to raise money so we can make a difference on lots of people’s lives. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions please contact me at:


Buddies: St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day the prep and grade 6 buddies met one of our Kimochis called ‘Clover’. Clover reminds us that sometimes we can forget things, we can be a bit careless and sometimes things don’t always go our way but we still need to think positively and keep trying our hardest. Make a comment on a time when you have felt this way and what did you do to change your thinking?

Here are some photos of us making Clover together. 


Colour Wheel of Emotions

In Visual Arts, the 1/2 classes have read the book ‘My Many¬†Coloured Days’ by Dr. Seuss and then looked at posters of emotions. We then worked on making a colour wheel linking the colours to certain emotions. The students have drawn some wonderful faces and scenarios to match each emotion.



Reminder about the rubbish at school :)

Hello, my name is Sarina and for my first post for 2017, I’m going to blog about the rubbish on the playgrounds.

As I am a part of the Environmental Impact Team I really want our beautiful school to stay beautiful. As I am sure you do too.

For our school to be clean we need to make sure the rubbish goes into the bin. You may have noticed that recently we have got new bins. So there is really no excuse for rubbish to be on the ground.

So let’s work together¬†and keep our school clean.

Susanne Gervay

The wonderful author of the I Am Jack books visited our Grade 3/4 students today to talk about how students can discuss issues they are having with their parents. Her tip, which I thought was great-¬†‘if you’re having issues bed time is a great time to talk to your parents. You are the center¬†of their attention, during this time,’¬†was valuable. Thank you to all the parents who supported this event on National Day against Bullying.¬†


Who Influences me? Do global trends influence our values, beliefs or health?

In 5/6 this term, we have discussed the influences on our Identity as individuals. We have explored how the groups we belong to enable us to become who we are, how we interact¬†with others and how our values and beliefs are determined¬†by those who are closest to us. The visual representations below are how we interpreted the big question, “who influences me?” “How am I influenced? ”¬†






We are also investigating global trends that influence the values, beliefs and health of individuals and groups in our comunity.  we used the thinking routing- CHALK TALK. In this routine we had silent conversations by writing down our ideas and responding to the ideas of others in a respectful silent conversation. here are some of our ideas.  some trends we have started thinking about are: social media, over spending on un-essential goods, people living longer and longer and the urban sprawl- people moving into the bigger city centres. 


What Global Trends do you think impact on the values, beliefs and health of individuals and groups in our communities? We would love to hear your opinions.  Help us to understand these trends better! 

FIRE Carrier Leaders Day

Today, the FIRE Carriers spent the day at Amberley Centre getting to know their fellow leaders in the North Eastern Region and learn more about their role for 2017. We began our day with a traditional smoking ceremony, a welcome to country and prayer. After this, students learned more about Bunjil the Eagle and the spiritual significance of this story. We then took part in two different workshops where we decorated leaves and sticks collected from the local area and then listened to guest speaker, Dean Stewart. Dean explained many Aboriginal customs and traditions, as well the importance of language, continued education and the true meaning of the word ‘Indigenous’. It was a fantastic day and another wonderful example of our school leaders representing St Charles Borromeo with pride. Well done Gemma, Lucas, Sofia and Olivia!



If you would like to read more:

FIRE Carrier Art Show at St Charles Borromeo


St. Charles Borromeo School is excited to announce that we will be hosting the North Eastern Zone FIRE Carrier Art Show. The pieces of this exhibition were created by the 20 schools within the North Eastern Zone. They were a culmination of learning, ideas and inspirations that arose from the Student day at Amberley Centre last year.

The exhibition of work was displayed during NAIDOC Week 2016 at St. Francis Church Melbourne and has since been travelling around the 20 schools within the North Eastern community.

The art will be on display this week in the Multi-Purpose Room and will be open for viewing at the following times:

Tuesday 14th March between 3 ‚Äď 3.30pm
Wednesday 15th March between 8.30am ‚Äď 9am
Thursday 16th March between 8.30 ‚Äď 9am
Friday 17th March between 9 ‚Äď 9.30am

We invite all students, teachers, parents, grandparents and family members to visit and support this exhibition. We will be asking for a gold coin donation on entry. This money will go to the Opening the Doors Foundation which you can read about below. We thank you in anticipation of your support.

Gemma, Olivia, Sofia and Lucas
2017 FIRE Carrier Leaders


The Opening the Doors Foundation addresses the severe educational disadvantage still being experienced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, by providing assistance so that they are able to choose and successfully maintain a positive education environment for their children.

The Foundation provides grants towards the funding of educational costs not otherwise funded from government or other educational funding sources to cover costs such as school uniforms, books, school camps and other school associated costs.

Founded in 2001 the Foundation financially helped 32 students at Catholic schools, in 2003, the Foundation received DGR status and expanded support to Aboriginal families choosing any non-government educational setting. Over the next few years numbers steadily increased and in the 2010 school year the Foundation supported over 460 students.