Today was GOLD!!!!

Today, the 3/4 Level and an entourage of Staff and Parents ventured to Sovereign Hill in search of GOLD! Our Inquiry unit this term is centered around the Gold Rush in the 1800’s:

  • what life was like during this time
  • multiculturalism on the goldfields (in particular, the Chinese)
  • the effect the gold rush had on Australia’s development as a nation

We had such a fabulous day! The students learned so much and were engaged from start to finish. While most of us were able to find a few speckles of gold when panning, it was Celia Abdo (Elyssia’s Mum) who struck it rich. She was able to hold a pure gold brick worth $160,000!! If only it was hers to keep!

Thank you to our supportive Angels and parent helpers and congratulations to our WONDERFUL, respectful and perfectly behaved students who did us proud once again!

Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about the excursion…

8 thoughts on “Today was GOLD!!!!

  1. The excursion was GREAT.. Do you want to hear a fact about Sovereign hill? Chinese people believe in evil spirits and those spirits can only go forward and can’t go up stairs. Its amazing! Our class 3/4 BM had so much FUN..

  2. It was so MUCH fun at Sovereign Hill. I found a lot of gold. There we went into a mine and found out the welcome nugget!!!All my friends loved it there. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! It took a long time to get there (2 hours) but we had a good time!!!!!!!

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