Book of the Week

Hi, my name is Chloe and this week I will be doing the book of the week.

The book that I have chosen is called ‘A Week Without Tuesday.’

This book is about a girl who travels to a faraway land. While she’s there, she comes across a village that is being attacked by mystical birds.  She manages to do something that she never thought she would ever be able to do. 

I like this book because it takes you on a journey. It was full of adventure and excitement.  

I would recommend this book to 3/4 students and up.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have! 

3 thoughts on “Book of the Week

  1. I have read this book and it is really interesting and adventures.
    I agree I also recommend this book to grade 3/4’s and 5/6’s.

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