The Greatest Invention

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am responsible this week for nominating an invention that I think has been the greatest invention ever invented!

The Greatest Invention has got to be Electricity. Could you imagine the world without electricity? There would be no internet, no iPads and no lights. We use electricity all of the time. For example, when we turn on our phones or a light we are using electricity. Right now! As I’m typing this blog post, I am using electricity. So surely electricity is the Greatest Invention.

What do you think?

Could you cope without electricity?

Think about all of the many electrical inventions before and after our births that have changed our lives?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Invention

  1. Chelsea,
    You have kicked off this series by nominating a super invention.
    I look forward to seeing whether anyone can put forward a greater invention than this.

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