Book Week

Hello, everyone my name is Tayla. I am one of the Library monitors for 2017. Today I will be presenting two more books that have been shortlisted for this year’s Picture Storybook of the Year award.

The first book is “Home in the Rain” by Bob Graham. It is about a mother and her child who get stuck in their car while it pours heavily. While they are stuck the mother tells the child stories about her family.

The second book is called “My Brother” by Dee, Oliver and Tiffany Huxley. It is about a gentle creature who has lost its brother and would search the world to find him.

Have you read these books? Let us know what you think. Will they win?


2 thoughts on “Book Week

  1. I enjoy Bob Graham’s books.
    I have read and quite liked, “Home in the Rain”.
    I have not read, “My Brother” yet, but it sounds interesting.

    Thanks for sharing the books that have been shortlisted Tayla and Erin.
    You are both doing a great job as Library Monitors.

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