The Greatest Invention

Hi, my name is Oscar and I am in charge of nominating what I think is the “greatest invention” for this week.

What would the world be like without iPhones?

No contacting anyone, no knowledge of the outside world.Think about it, social media would have never been invented and there would be no entertainment what so ever. It is one of the most powerful devices the world has to offer, and over 1 billion have been produced and sold since it came on the market in 2007. It is literally a computer in your pocket, and we would all be lost if we didn’t have one in the modern world today.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Invention

  1. An interesting nomination Oscar. Considering that I grew up without a mobile phone, I am always amazed how lost I feel when I forget my phone at home. I wonder what others think?

  2. Even though I love my phone so much and without my phone I cant text my friends I still think that we can still live without phones.

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