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Koala Exchange Student

Hi everyone, meet koala!

We’ll soon be sending koala over to a school in Argentina as an exchange student. Koala needs a name, can you help us? In the comment section below, can you give us suggestions on what the name of koala will be.

The school in Argentina will be sending us ‘Oliver’ who will be staying for a year in the 1/2 classrooms.

16 thoughts on “Blog Buddies – Animals from End to End

  1. King Koala
    Koko the Koala
    Kaola Krisp
    Koohla the aboriginal Koala
    and Kate the Koala is good too.

  2. Do we know if it is a male or female. I like the name Eucalyptus because they love eating the tender eucalyptus leaves. The name would suit a male or female.

  3. 1/2KC did a brainstorm of names and then we voted on one. Our winning name was Milo the Koala. We thought this was a good choice because Milo is a popular drink in Australia and we wanted the name to have an Australian theme. The runners up were ‘Aussie’ and ‘Blinky’.

  4. Okay, Milo it is. However, I do very much like Mr Puls’ suggestion for something gum related. So I think I will tell our Argentinian friends that his name is “Milo Gumtree”.

    It also looks like we may need another soft toy for another class. So some of the other name suggestions will come handy.

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