The weekly tally is in for the Doncare Food Drive. Thank you to all the families who have contributed items so far!
We still have two weeks to go and still so much more is needed!!
Here is the current tally:
Prep L – 102 items
1/2C – 101 items
Prep M – 79 items
3/4CA – 68 items
1/2IC – 57 items
1/2KC – 42 items
3/4C – 34 items
5/6M – 25 items
5/6SC – 23 items
3/4BM – 21 items

Rememeber, there is a BBQ for the winning grade with the most items!

Week 6 – students are asked to bring in any canned items and long life juice and milk.


2 thoughts on “FOOD DRIVE

  1. I am disappointed with what my class got but I hope by the end of next week we will achieve our goal by each person bringing at least 4 can or long life milk.

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