Imaginative Prayer- The road to Emmaus

3/4CA absolutely loved their imaginative prayer experience of the Last Supper two weeks ago, so much so that they requested another opportunity to meditate on Scripture. 
With first Holy Communion celebrations in full swing we decided to read The Road to Emmaus story from Luke’s gospel where Jesus joins two of his friends on their journey home and reveals himself to them through the breaking of bread and the sharing of a meal.
The message of this story is that Jesus will always keep his promise and be with us in our daily lives. More importantly if we are feeling lost or hopeless we can always find Jesus in the Eucharist at mass.
Some students from the class will be publishing their reflections and adding to this post. Please read them to see what amazing encounters children can have when given the opportunity to spend time in reflection with the Lord.

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  1. The Road To Emmaus

    When I first heard that Jesus had died I felt betrayed and disappointed. Cleopas’ house was dim and built out of clay bricks, even the tables, chairs, stove, sink and bench were made out of clay bricks. I knew Jesus was the one who broke the bread because I remembered the stories that were told about Jesus breaking the bread .Every single word I had heard from the stories felt so right and I had imagined every single word I had heard. Cleopas didn’t notice that Jesus was there until the very end so that made me feel even more special.


    As soon as I saw Jesus he took my hand and I started to talk to him, and Cleopas said “Who are you talking to?” and I said “To Jesus.” When we got to Cleopas house I saw wine, bread, grapes and apples. When I was in there I felt safe and that I was protected.

  3. The Road to Emmaus

    The road to Emmaus was exhausting and my legs could not move when I was home.Then I saw a man walking past and he was so tired so we brought him into our home.He had lunch with us and he was so appreciative.When he left I was a bit sad but I was thankful that my dad asked him in for dinner. For dinner we had bread, wine and some fish that my dad speared yesterday. YUM! Then I had a closer look and the man who we thought was a stranger, it was Jesus! I was amazed because he was Jesus all this time. I felt sad because he was leaving, we both said “bye.”

  4. The Road to Emmaus
    When I was walking with Cleopas and the stranger came I felt a little scared because I had no idea who that person was or where he came from. When we got to Cleopas’ house, it looked like a little cottage. When Cleopas asked the stranger to have dinner with us, that was when I felt really scared to be in the same room as him. When we walked in it felt cold, dark, and empty. Cleopas asked me to help him light up the room so I did, then I turned around and saw beautiful hair and a kind smile and then I thought oh my, is that really him “JESUS? You really did mean it when you said you would look over me, protect me and always be with me” I said. “You know I always keep my promises” Jesus said. We sat down and had a meal, then sadly it was time to say goodbye to Jesus. I can’t believe I got to see him again. We said a final goodbye then I felt so happy and a little sad because I wouldn’t see him again, I just hope I’ll see him again.

  5. The road to Emmaus

    Cleopas’ house looked kind of medium but small inside. On the table there was bread, wine, fruit, grapes and wheat. The house was made of smooth and hard, light blue clay. It had 2 windows, one on each side. Inside it was a little bit cold but outside it wasn’t. When I hugged Jesus it felt really warm. It felt cuddly as well. When Jesus was with me I felt surprised because I never really get to see him in my life. When Jesus looked at me, he looked like a young teenager who had not much hair, but ten seconds later he was turning kind of old and guess what? It was Jesus, and that’s when he gave me a piece of bread, and that’s when he invited me to Cleopas house. I had a whole supper there. It was one of my favourite days in the world. When it was time to leave I was really sad and I was crying a bit when I couldn’t spend more time with Jesus and his friend Cleopas and I had to say ”Thank you Jesus”.

  6. The Road To Emmaus
    The day was warm as I walked on a dusty red road. Trees lined The sides, and I could feel little sandy pebbles hit my heels as I continued my journey. Further on I saw two men, one a little older than the other. They looked sad so in honour of The Lord Jesus dying on the cross I went to see why they seemed miserable. So I began to quicken my pace from a slow walk to a jog and before you could blink I was running. I finally caught up to the men. I asked what was causing them despair. The younger of the men spoke up and said “Haven’t you heard the lord Jesus Christ was crucified not long ago? His promise was broken, and we believed in him,” he said. The elder man seemed to be smiling did he not like Jesus? I wonder why. Soon the small town of Emmaus was in front of me. The youngest man invited me to supper. So I said I would be very much delighted to join him. I admired the houses, they look very different to houses from this day and age. As the younger man prepard the food the older man who was sitting next to me at the dinner table was no longer there, it was Jesus. He will be with me forever more – in my heart, my soul, my mind. He will be with me in everything I do and say. His promise was indeed not broken, he has kept it this whole time.

  7. The Road to Emmaus
    As I walked down the unsteady road the only sound I could hear was my feet brushing against the stones and the sound of the birds singing. It was getting late. I was tired and hungry and my feet were aching from all the rough stones in my shoes. I stopped to empty them and have a drink. As I stopped I realised that two men walked by me but only one of them looked familiar. Wait! Hold on! That is Cleopas and that must be his friend. I ran as fast as I could to catch up to them. Suddenly I just stopped, caught my breath, then nervously walked up to them. Cleopas greeted me with a big warm hug but a sad and droopy face. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “You know when someone makes a promise but doesn’t keep it? Well Jesus made a promise that he would stay with us forever but sadly he died.” After a long walk we reached Cleopas’ house and he welcomed me in. we sat at the table, we chatted, we ate and then the stranger who was sitting next to me grabbed the bread, broke some off and handed it to me. Everything just blocked out. I could hear nothing except for me and the man. I looked at him and said, “why, why, why … you’re Jesus,” he replied in a soft voice saying, “Yes I am.” He then winked at me and everything went back to normal. I wonder how I didn’t see that before? Then Jesus said I must leave. I stood up and Jesus gave me a hug and shook Cleopas’ hand. (Cleopas didn’t know it was him.) I said my goodbyes and left feeling happy, joyful and awake.

  8. Wow, what a great way to pray! You all put a lot of effort into imagining what it would be like to walk the road.

  9. The Road To Emmaus
    When I found out that Jesus had died, I felt heart broken. Cleopas’ house was small, dusty and dark. When Jesus broke the bread, I knew it was him because of his big blue eye’s. To be with Jesus again felt amazing.

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