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This term, we were invited by a Year 2 class from Glenbrook Elementary School (Wisconsin, USA) to assist with a unit on ‘Communities’ they are going to study. Alexis, Ariella and Hannah (3/4CA) assisted by contributing photos to a Google Slide (shown below). 

Here is a message from the teacher of that class:

“Thank you so much for all the classes that added slides to the Community Slideshow!  I am excited to start having my kids learn about all these great places.  Many of you added social media sites or email addresses!  This will be a wonderful way to make connections throughout the year!”

– Tracy Wiedeman (Glenbrook Elementary School)

2 thoughts on “Blog Buddies

  1. What a great initiative to connect globally. I enjoyed reading all of the information on the slides. From my perspective, there are many similarities between the schools.

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