10 Questions

Hi, my name is Michael and today I am interviewing Fabian (5/6 SC) and asking him 10 questions:

  • Michael: What’s your favourite colour?
  • Fabian: Green.
  • Michael: What’s your favourite food/drink? 
  • Fabian: Orange juice.
  • Michael: What’s your favourite TV show? 
  • Fabian: Mystery Diners. 

  • Michael: What is something that makes you happy?
  • Fabian: Playing video games.
  • Michael: What is a special talent that you have?
  • Fabian: Flexibility. 
  • Michael: What job would you like when you grow up?
  • Fabian: I would like to be a game creator.
  • Michael: If you were an animal, which one would you be? why?
  • Fabian: I would be a lizard because it is my favourite animal. 
  • Michael: What 3 word describe you?
  • Fabian: Intelligent, dramatic and funny.
  • Michael: What’s your favourite place? why?
  • Fabian: My favourite place is my house because that’s where I feel most comfortable. 
  • Michael: What’s good about being a student at St Charles Borommeo?
  • Fabian: It’s good to be a student at St Charles because our school is very religious which I like and everyone is kind and caring.

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