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On Monday 30 October there will be free dress day and we ask everyone to make a gold coin donation which will be given to this farm in Healsville called The Good Life Farm. If you would like to make any extra donations please contact the school office. Read below for more info.

I have been to this farm before and it is an incredible experience.  The purpose of the good life farm is to be able to connect with the animals and be yourself. The good life farm has taught me lots of new skills, like how to feed animals and how to interact with animals. At the good life farm they run programs in the term, they teach you about permaculture and lots more. Considering I’ve been to the farm it has made a big difference on my life and the way I go about things. The reason we are donating to them is to help them cover the cost of feeding the animals and the programs they run in the term. They have over 50 animals on this farm, we did things like building, fishing, bushwalking, gardening, cooking, feed the animals and much more. I would like to give a big thanks to the owner of this farm Lesley Porter, who has been the one doing all the hard work and helping people, from the heart not for money, that is why she runs these programs. “The Good Life Farm” is a safe place that challenges me and it makes work out of my comfort zone and I feel like I belong. Working with animals is amazing and I feel like the animals have become a part of my life. She does this to help the kids interact with animals and there are many other reasons, considering most of the kids that have been going to the good life farm have been going through a hard time, that’s why she does it.

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