15 thoughts on “3/4 Camp

  1. the movie was so funny it brightened up all the kids day after all of the rain PS I photo boomed one of the boys photos can you see it?

  2. All of us had an amazing time and we watched the movie CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS the movie was super funny. What I liked the most was the choice between low ropes course and the bush hut making. Toolangi had the coolest cabins ever! It was the best camp EVER! #toolangi is the best place ever! We had pasta for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

  3. Camp was really great and the movie ‘Captain Underpants’ got everyone excited for the next day. Even though we didn’t finish the movie, the movie was like a big bedtime story.

  4. camp was awesome the movie was so funny i didn’t get a good sleep but i didn’t really care the food was really good. my favorite activity was the bush hut making.

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