Mystery Word 2 – Solution

Caitlin wins the first golden raffle ticket.

Congratulations to Caitlin (5/6SC) on being the first to include “soldiers” in her list of 5 words. She wins a ticket for the end of term scbtblog raffle.

Thanks to Jamie (1/2CK) and his mum Isabelle who have volunteered to work out the solutions each week. Here are their words for this week:

Said, sold, soldiers, seals, sleds, soil, soiled, solids, sails, sailed, sales, sire, sired, sears, soles, soled, soars, soared, seas.
Isles, idles.
Raises, raised, rises, roses, rosed, rile, real, rails, railed, roes, rides, rode, raids, reads.
Dries, dear, dire, deals, does, dies, dress, dose, doses, dares, dorsel.
Airs, aired, ears, ails, ailed, arid, oars, oared, earl, oral, older, aside, arises, arose,
Leads, lies, liars, lair, loss, lose, loser, lass, lads, lids, less, laid, lords.

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