5/6 Colour Wheels

The 5/6 classes have been mixing primary colours to create secondary and tertiary colours. They traced their own template design and painted each one, referring to the colour wheel. After each shape was cut out, it was assembled into their own colour wheel. Great persistence was demonstrated by the students!

Golden Raffle Ticket

Here is Alexander (5/6 MAL) and Alexis (5/6 SC) who are two recent Golden Raffle Ticket winners. Alex for the ‘Mother’s Day’ image he created for the blog and Alexis for winning last week’s ‘Mystery Word’. Keep an eye out for ways that you too can win a raffle ticket.

Mystery Word 4 – Solution

I did think that nobody was going to get this week’s Mystery Word, but in the end, somebody did get it. Congratulations to Alexis (5/6 SC) for being the first to submit this week’s mystery word. She will win this week’s Golden Raffle Ticket

Thanks to our Mystery Word experts, Jamie (1/2 CK) and his mum Isabelle for again supplying us with all of the possible words: Continue reading

Reading is FUN in 1/2IM

In 1/2IM we have been having SO much fun in reading. We have been reading Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey for shared reading this week. We really enjoy the humour in this book! The characters in the story are Pig and Trevor. We completed a character profile on each character. There are many other books in this series; Pig the Winner, Pig the Elf, Pig the Star and Pig the Fibber. 

Which book in this series is your favourite?